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 Blue Thunder Magic

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PostSubject: Blue Thunder Magic   Blue Thunder Magic EmptyFri Sep 18, 2015 6:49 pm

Name: Blue Thunder Magic
Arcs of Electricity that Mold Ice

Type:  Caster
Elemental Alignment: Air and Water

Description:  Using forms of electricity from static or charged energy to large raw bolts of lightning to mold ice creation magic at a distance from the caster. This makes it a Molding magic that deals shock damage when the bolts hits an enemy (Blue Thunder bolts cannot travel though ice but rather leave ice in it's wake) Standard molding rules apply e.g. one handed casts.

In short Ice Molding that deals shock damage during creation

Strengths:  Caster can make use of the unlimited styles of molding magic, or Deal direct shock damage. Caster has some "limited" control Arcs of lightning that are in flight, say plan for a arc to maneuver around a few corners, but not react to someone dodging it (atlease in the last second)

Weaknesses: Creations take extra damage from fire element attacks and the lighting arcs does less damage to earth defenses. Even tho both are always used only one side can be focus on at any one time either dealing damage while creating ice with no real shape at a smaller total size, or creating a special form but only dealing damage at low damage in a small range.
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Blue Thunder Magic
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