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Medioker Joker Jack_p10

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Name: Jack Jay Johnson

Nickname: Medioker Joker

Gender: Male

Sexuality:  Straight

Age: 22

Birthday: Unknown


A Sevarian from the small port town of Stingur

Personality: He was and still is a young person with a talent to reconsise pattens and habits, however never really knew how to explain it to anybody So most people this family included put it down to simply being lucky and when he accepted this simple view he only found more puzzling things kept happening to the point that things happened on his wim.

Actually attemping to do something was hard, challanging and kind of fun. But when he would give up, and only then would he win by default. So clearly magic had to be involved somehow, altho being so scheckty on the details of how this is magic worked of a pet peeve.

Then again he was one of many completely over taken by the world events Such as wizard touraments, the grand stories of failtail's adventures and tales of what dark guilds might do if they took over. So basicly he just wants to go out have a great adventure and make some friends, good friends like what he was after are hard to come by. Even more so if you can always win, but that doesn't mean he wants to lose either.


- His luck that never fails him when he needs it.
- Pondering over how to make things happen for others
(good or bad depends how he feels about the person.)
- Hustling Pool or pretty ladies would have to come next it's about the challenge
- Freshly made meals
- A good game of just about any card game.

- His luck that never fails to keep him away from what he wants
- Jerks that think they own the world
        (Mostly because he already feels like it is his.)
- Escalating situations, No matter what happens it's somehow his fault and with his luck it never ends well for everyone.
- People Accusing him of stealing! At worse he only borrows in times of need
- Paperwork (it kills all fun!!)


- Having no place to run, not that he deal with what ever comes his way
- Also not being able to give his opinion if something seems wrong

Fatal Flaw:

- Luck e.g. The ability to find the worse possible situation without any intention of trying to cause it

Medioker Joker Coolte44

Height: 195 cm

Weight: 89 kg

Hair: Dark Brown hair and beard

Eyes: Twinkly blue eyes

Special Characteristics: N/A

The last thing he heard before he left home – “what I mean is the boy will not master anything, Luck may favor him today and he'll heal fast but he'll mess up this opportunity and be back where he started yesterday, all over again. Mark my words!”

Description: Dark Brown hair and beard, blue eyes, and a conniving smile. Normally he is wearing a coat of some kind probably with some tidy clothes under that and a good pair of comfortable hiking boot. Those who have known him could tell you he favors a sword in combat if he can get his hands on one and that he most certainly has some sort of trick up his sleeves.

Medioker Joker Coolte43
[working on this]
Magic Name: (Name of your magic)

Element: (Element of your magic)

Type: (Caster/Holder. Perhaps even ancient/lost?)

Description: (Description of your magic. This has to be at least 1 paragraph long.)

Strengths: (Do not make your magic overpowered.)

Weaknesses: (There is no such thing as a magic that has no weakness.)

Medioker Joker Coolte42

Magic Power: 1

Magic Resistance: 3

Physical Power: 2

Physical Resistance: 2

Intelligence: 10

Speed: 2

Health: 10

Medioker Joker Coolte41

Mediocre Supprises (Sups) -netural
[He is the Guildmaster...
well it's more of an alliance...  
he is the only one in the alliance so far] -Unaffiliated

Guild Symbol: Has some ideas, nothing definite yet, he'll cross that bridge when he gets to it

Rank: (Everyone starts out at D rank.)

Medioker Joker Coolte40

Going to Foire form Seven Jack realised his intire life so far had nothing to do with magic, Although having a suspicion he might have a talent for magic for years Jack grew up in sort of normal way. Often, altho only from time to time a mage pasting though town would see the end of a building or too. It seemed to him like everyone couldn't make up their minds if they liked wizards having business in the town or not. But his first paid job was helping to clean up after the bad ones and repaid the damage. More often that not he was just a painter but never-the-less gave him a good idea of what magic was capital of.

The first Wizard Jack ever saw in action(Which was also his first clean up job too) was more disconcerting than any other feeling. The mage had been called in to help with lifting heavy stone blocks and stacking them to make a more decritive town centre or something. The mage then used a transformation sort of spell to become a large beast. After staking most the blocks into two sort of gateways to the park suddenly started twiching and sniffing and charged down the street to the docks knoking people over left, right and centre. leaving the last block on a bit of a lean and scarying the intire town. Half though a large beast was rampaging through town, the other half who saw the transformation had it in their mind that a mage battle was happening which was sure to level half the town.
The truth, not that anyone seemed to want to hear it was that the afternoon of block laying had left the wizard extremely hungy and when the restraunt by the docks starting cooking a fresh batch of fish and sea food for the dinner rush. The hunger took over  the beast part of the mages mind and made him forget everything else.
Jack never forgets what he learned that day, as to how easily magic can control the mind as well as the mind can control magic, that and never not eat lunch.

RP Sample:
Do I have to...

Today Jack woke to a bright quiet warm but didn't open his eye to greet today, he had an odd feeling it wasn't a good idea. For today, was rent day and if his unrealistic concept of today was correct any minute now the land lady Would be knocking on the door with what would most certainly be flaming torch or some sort of enchanted tool that would continue to shock him until he paid the rent for the last 3 months. Then again he really did only have enough to buy breakfast today if he escaped with anything.  … The best idea here is to have the biggest head start he can, So with a big yawn opened his eyes as he started thinking how to get out without catching the attention of...

“Garr..” Was litually the only thought that came to mind.  What had caused this change in thinking was that sitting a chair next to the bed with her custom painted baseball bat (Black with blue flames and stars) sitting neatly across her lap. An older lady in her 40's but more youthful in appearance. She was the land lady, She was Sarah Vespa, She was in his room already, She was wearing a smile so sweet he had only ever that sort of smile in a poker games when someone was about to be stabled in the back, metaphorically of course. He wouldn't go to any game that lives were on the line on principle. More importantly She was three steps a head of his escape plan. Not Good.

She started with “Nice to see you managed to wake your self up today, darling” without losing a hint of the smile on her face, which was actually quite impressive.

“Have you always sat there a few minutes before waking me up” He said stalling for time to think his way out of this. He came to the conclusion there was no way out. As his cards were on the table behind her.

“Not at all but today we need to have a proper chat about the rent you owe, that's all” She said, the bat that had not moved even a little bit but was looking more threatening by the second.

“May I get dressed before this chat, I'll just have see what I have first.” Hoping this might lead to an escape.

“You and I both know you don't have anywhere near enough to pay what you owe me.” Didn't even budge her an inch “You are going to hand over every Jew you have and then I'm kicking you out” Putting it rather bluntly now

“Why didn't you just take the money while I was asleep and leave a get lost card on the door then”
hoping that might just be that, atleast he would still get some breakfast today.

“Because the dresser is not where you keep your jews, and 100 Jew isn't nearly enough to get this place ready for a new renter, So you pay up now and then I'll leave you to pack up and get out. Got it” With that the bat moved to a more ready to swing position, but not  threatening, Yet.

“Um... I'll have to stand up, can I at lease put some pants on.” Stalled not entirely sure how to put it ”I'm not wearing any pants just at the moment” He was pretty sure this was a really awkward for both of them.

She decided to back off for now. Much to his relief he will have pants again. “fine, two minutes then pay up time.”and just as she had just about to leave the room. “If it's still not enough I'm going to sell your stuff to make up for it.” and with that she was gone. Well out of the room anyway.

As soon as his feet touched the floor he knew what he had to do, There was only one way to grab enough stuff and get away with it, there was only one way out of this room with the only door covered. Reaching for his pants and gear he put them on, as for his cards, picked out two blank ones.

Using Card Storage on all his remaining cards into the first one then used a stronger Card Storage on all the furniture other than the bed. He did fell a bit bad about taking the furniture too but breakfast is important and he knew the land lady could clam insurance onn this sort of thing. That should cover her until he could pay her back. Unfortunetly this wasn't exally a quite spell at all, neither was the first one, but it might have been him getting his money out for all she knew. The land lady barging back in Yelling “What do you think you're up to that's more that just your pants”, followed by “The dresser, you theif!“ As she watched the last piece of furniture other than the bed get stored away.

“Sorry, gotta go earn the jews and stuff!” Huling himself out the window with and using a gravity based, wall walking spell to get down to ground level as fast as he dared to escape.

Hearing cusing from the window growing faint and not just because he was walking away, Not good she was going to chase him. Luckly this street was empty as everyone would or should be at work now. Catching a wift of something delisious he desided to hide out in out one of these restrants, basically have breakfast before he was caught. That sounded like a good plan.

The screeming was getting louder, altho she seems to have already lost hope for the money in her voice. Maybe it was for the best he thought as he ducted into a dinner called “lucky escape” just about laughing at the irony. Sat down and ordered the only thing on the menu in his price bracket, rice. Released his cards from storage with the intention of a game of soiltaire with his normal deck.

He siyd as much that, the land lady had stoped just out side the shop in a moping heap as the fact he noticed all of cards had been shuffled so the three decks he had them sorted in had to be seperated again. Both of which were going to take time.

The waitress came over to deliver breakfast and asked in what any other day would have been a cheerful tone, “Isn't that your Sarah out there. You still not paying you rent? She should kick you out already.”

“She did, but I escaped first to save my breakfast Jews” Not looking too proud of himself also mentioned “I may have borrowed some furniture in my hurry,..” Much.. “but don't worry too much she can clam insturance on that which would be far more that she would get out of me.”  Much.. Much..

“Oh dear, well atlease you can pay that meal your eating” the waitress spoke with a ease uncertainly “You can pay right?”

“Of couse, I was just tracking down my Jew... Card..” finely finished sorting his cards out into three decks realising that he had not came across his Jew card. Quickly thinking back to last night.
I normally keep it around my front pocket, so when I took it off I left it.. with my other shirt.. which is in my draw.. in mass strorage..

“You don't have any Jew do you? That's it, I'm taking this back and calling S..”

“Wait! I have it, and don't take my food away, I'm still eating that” Hurrily try to eat, carm down the waitress and show proft he can and will pay today. “It's all in here, I ju...”

“I don't believe you” Instant dismissal

“Look I only have to get it out but unfortunity my intire room is in here” explaining as best and quickly as possible “Do you have any space I can bring out that much stuff without tables in the way or my former land lady catching me?”

“No, Hey Sarah! Over here!” Turning away to turn him in, Bad mistake “I found your runaway!”

But by the time Sarah and the waitress were back where he was, they couldn't find him. Or the plate he was eating from.

[later that day he paid for the food and return the plate, then left on a mission to gather more Jew]

Word Count: 1426    Note: I have not role-played before..

Face Claim:
 “Sea Gate Oracle”

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please use the correct template

[center](Place your image of your character here)[/center]


[b]Name:[/b] (First and Last)

[b]Nickname:[/b] (What you are referred to when you become famous)

[b]Gender:[/b] (Male or Female)

[b]Sexuality:[/b] (Stright, bi, etc.)

[b]Age:[/b] (Must match up with birthday. Ageless is fine. Just know that it doesn't make your character immortal.)

[b]Birthday:[/b] (Must match up with age. Unknown is fine too.)

[b]Race:[/b] (There is a races guide. You can choose from one of those races or just remain human. However, there are limited spots for some special races.)

[b]Personality:[/b] (This is a general description of your character's personality. This must be at least 2 paragraphs long.)

[b]Likes:[/b] (What your character likes. Minimum of 5. They need to be explained)

[b]Dislikes:[/b] (What your character dislikes. Minimum of 5. They need to be explained)

[b]Fears:[/b] (What your character fears. Minimum of 3. They need to be explained)

[b]Fatal Flaw:[/b] (What is that one thing that puts their life in danger? Please only have 1.)


[b]Height:[/b] (Height. inches, feet, cm, no preferred unit.)

[b]Weight:[/b] (Weight. lbs, kg, no preferred unit.)

[b]Hair:[/b] (Please explain your hair. This includes texture, length, and color. It's fin to have crazy colors. This is an anime based RP after all.)

[b]Eyes:[/b] (Are your eyes big? Are they small? What color are they? It's fine to have a crazy color.)

[b]Special Characteristics:[/b] (This would include piercings, tattoos, or any natural abilities your character may have.)

[b]Description:[/b] (Please give a general description of your character. This must be at least 1 paragraph long. This includes things that your character may wear.)


[b]Magic Name:[/b] (Name of your magic)

[b]Element:[/b] (Element of your magic)

[b]Type:[/b] (Caster/Holder. Perhaps even ancient/lost?)

[b]Description:[/b] (Description of your magic. This has to be at least 1 paragraph long.)

[b]Strengths:[/b] (Do not make your magic overpowered.)

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (There is no such thing as a magic that has no weakness.)


[b]Magic Power:[/b]

[b]Magic Resistance:[/b]

[b]Physical Power:[/b]

[b]Physical Resistance:[/b]





[b]Guild:[/b] (You may choose any of the guilds listed in the groups (which can be found at the bottom of your screen on the home page) or you can choose to be an unaffiliated mage (guildless) or perhaps become a Rune Knight of the Magic Council. Please list Magic Council if you choose to want to be a Rune Knight as Rune Knight is a specific ranking.)

[b]Guild Symbol:[/b] (Please state the location and color. If you're guildless, state if you had a tattoo, where would it be and in what color? This is just in case you decide to join a guild in the future.

[b]Rank:[/b] (Everyone starts out at D rank.)


[b]History:[/b] (Must be at least 4 paragraphs long)

[b]RP Sample:[/b] (A sample of your role playing skills. This could be one you made up right now or from another site.)

[b]Face Claim:[/b] (Who do you look like? List the character and the anime,show,fandom,etc. it is from. One for example may be Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. It all must be anime though. What if you want Hermione from Harry Potter? There are anime versions of her on google images, don't worry.)
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