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 Grigol Imen(FIN)

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PostSubject: Grigol Imen(FIN)   Tue Jul 28, 2015 7:31 pm

Name: Grigol Imens

Nickname: The Insane, possibly the god of creation.

Gender: Male

Sexuality: He is bisexual.

Age: 120

Birthday: X1550, however the exact day and month in unknown. Even he's forgotten.

Race: Vampire

Personality: He's, at his very core, a delusional manic who wants the world to end. Mind you, he doesn't understand the idea that if the world stops turning, it ends. If he learned such things, would he still go about stopping the world? Yep. Would he continue doing everything he had done? Yes. Because he's a delusional maniac who has decided that stopping the world at all costs is what his life must be devoted to, and that's exactly the plan till the day he either dies or manages to get through the day the world stops moving, because dammit that's what he wants.

If not on one of his delusional rants, he is often chill and will talk to you normally instead of in riddles or about how the world should stop going in circles.

Likes: He loves his magic. He has the power of imagination, and he wants to destroy the world. Put two and two together.

He loves when people can get behind his magic; he adores those who believe that his magic is exactly what it is. The power of imagination.

He adores a game of chess; this comes from the fact that he likes to pride himself on the fact that he's a vampire and that he has more experience then others.

He adores when others allow him to talk about his fantasties; it's a basic want of his that comes from not being listened to for quite a long time. Especially when his son left him to go on missions.

He adores riddles; they are just so fun.

Dislikes: He dislikes fruit; it tastes bad.

He dislikes when other people think the world continuing moving is a good thing. This comes from the fact that it goes against his whole thing of wanting the world to stop.

He dislikes when people don't get his jokes. He speaks, sometimes, in riddles which often hide jokes. He just hates when a person doesn't get the jokes because he often works hard on the jokes.

He dislikes the idea that power doesn't make the world go around, but people do. He's fairly sure it's power.

He dislikes when people like to talk crap about his magic, people often disbelieve that his magic is quite literally, the power of imagination.

Fears: He fears what happens when he achieves his goal. This comes from the fact that he has no idea what will happen when he does. You could chock this one down to fear of the unknown.

He fears the power his magic has, but is not afraid to use it. This fear is quite simple, as he knows the power of imagination can be extremely scary without the tools to make it real.

He's afraid of one man. This mans name is Grendan... and he's someone who has hunted, or at least attempt to hunt, Grigol multiple times.

Fatal Flaw: His obsession with making the world stop turning; he'll do anything he can.

Height: 6 feet and one inch tall.

Weight: 150 pounds.

Hair: He rarely takes care of his blonde hair as it often falls exactly where it needs to, although it is rough to the touch.

Eyes: While normal-sized, his eyes are a misty blue, often considered memorizing to look into.

Special Characteristics: The fact that he is, basically, ageless.

Description: He's been told he has a generally creepy allure to him, his clothing of that which has should-armor that is painted upon with images of Gears, as though his magic involves those. Which they could, to be fair, but that isn't why. It's more so a reference to the world not stopping, keeping on going as through it has endless gears under it's surface, and his black clothing is related to the fact that he is indeed a vampire, and doesn't exactly try to hide it.

His red scarf is one gave to him by his grandmother, over 100 years ago. It has a special place in his heart, and he fixes it when it gets torn, he memorized his grandmothers sewing style to make it look exactly the same. He's kinda attached to it, since it is considered a relic to most people. It should also be noted anything he wears, he wears basically all the time.

Magic Name: Arc of Emobodiment

Element: Multiple

Type: Caster

Description:  Arc of Embodiment is a form of Lost Magic that allows the caster to materialize, and subsequently use to their every whim, anything they can imagine. Any of their creations give them great versatility both in and out of combat. They can range anywhere from everyday objects and weapons, giving them great versatility in the battle field and at home.


  • The spells itself are only limited, in type, by his imagination.

  • It can use all of the elements, due to it being fueled by his imagination.

  • It can make things that are living.


  • Can't randomly come up with spells

  • He can't actually project himself into someones mind, but can show someone an image through a spell.

Magic Power: 5

Magic Resistance: 1

Physical Power: 1

Physical Resistance: 1

Intelligence: 10

Speed: 2

Health: 10

Guild: Quatro Cerberus

Guild Symbol: On the top of his right shoulder, and it's yellow.

Rank:  D rank

History: Born over 100 years ago, he was born to Elisa Sandro and Griano Imen. He was given his fathers last name; but his story doesn't really start until he is 16 and that's when something important happened. This very important thing you might ask? He became a vampire. You know. The ones that hate the sun. He became one during a party; having kissed and brought a girl home. He woke up baked in sun. It was not fun.

His next major event was his grandma giving him his scarf when he as 20, and then his mothers death at the age of 21 and then his fathers when he was 23.

He had a kid with a woman named Elise. This woman knew he was a vampire and knew that he would outlive her, but still loved him with all of her heart. They had the child when he was thirty. Elise, the one woman he's ever loved like he did Elise, was dead so he dedicated his entire existance to assisting the child.

The child become stronger then he, and traveled the world, before dieing when Grigol hit roughly 100 years of age. He attended his own child's funeral. It's extremely difficult for a man to visit his own child's funeral. He, unlike most vampires, cried. He cried his eyes out as the last thing keeping his sanity from slipping left.

He joined Quatro around the time he got married to his wife, but hey, he's been there awhile and most tend to think him creepy, but befriend him because he's one of the oldest members.

RP Sample: In his typical layered wear, Mushi was standing. Standing in the middle of a training area; alone as typically was true. He decided, since he was going to meet his team; he figured he should take off his layered wear. He started my taking off his sun-glasses, and putting them to the side. First off, the black coat; which was over the stripped shirt that he often wore. He'd keep on his bottom half though, no need for that to come off. After throwing his wear to the side, he picked up his sunglasses, which hid his red eyes from view, and it blocked the sun out.

He stood, as regally as one can in the middle of an training arena, and thought about the members he was assigned. He couldn't tell exactly why he was assigned them, but he took it as well as any 'god' would, and decided to see just what these mongrels; these curs could be. If they were anything like half of the village, he had a feeling that he should have no real issue fighting them; although they will be nothing near the level of his brother. No one could be, really; as high as he held his brother. It was an impossible standard; to be caring of him, yet be strong and firm. He couldn't see anyone keeping to that; especially for as long as his brother did.

He also figured, since he was told a bit about the genin, he should exploit that knowledge. That he did. He researched the boys clan; scorch release. It was an interesting thing, although it won't do anything if they can't keep up with him, honestly. These mongrels had as much of a chance at beating him as did any genin; which wasn't high. Although, one must figure that's the cost of being a god. The pure arrogance that comes with it. He had become accustom to it, and it was a part of him like the adoration of his brother; one without the other wouldn't be Mushi, not at all. Could he survive with one half but not the other? Sure; he could. In fact, it really wouldn't be that hard; to be without the god complex would benifit him, but without his brotherly adoration, he'd have no real reason to get strong. It was a double-edged sword, really. Yet, he couldn't be bothered with showing any of that.

Although he was in deep thought, he had himself in a high guard, just in case his friends decided to attack him. Well, he didn't think them as friends, but; that was beyond the fact. What he thought of them mattered not, what really mattered was their skill in combat, which he hoped they weren't lacking. If they were, it wouldn't end well, probably a few broken bones and maybe a broken rib. He honestly couldn't be bothered with bringing the petty mortals; the weaklings to the medical center. It wasn't like he didn't know how to set an arm or anything; it was fairly basic knowledge, he just didn't know or have the capability to learn medical ninjutsu. It was a bother to him, really.

He had the training zone cleared for him, meaning it was only a sand floor with the walls around the training area. There wasn't going to be any real... fancy training really, there was no need. Old-fashioned punching and kicking would teach them just as well as punching and kicking a dummy. Not to say it wasn't effective, but he figured actual combat would benefit them that much more. They were ninja after all; even if he were a god among men.

He hated one thing though; something that was always there but never left. He disliked the fact that his brother just died like that. With no rhyme or reason. He hated it because it felt off, even to him. Even to the god himself, the death of the only equal seemed off. He couldn't be dead, could he? A man as strong as a god; murdered. Just like that? It couldn't be. Honestly; even Mushi knew that. Mushi might be fairly smart and versed on a fair amount of things, but this was beyond him, one day he'd examine, he'd find out what happened, but that day was not today.

Today was simply to meet his team; and possibly train them. He had to meet them and tell them his name. It was a simple process for a god like him; even for simple people, it was a simple thing. Although, it still held something to him; this was him taking a responsibly. Something his parents rarely trusted him with; yet the village trusted him with the lives of two people who couldn't be that much younger then him.

His face made a visible change as he though this; his mouth shifting slightly to the side. As well as thoughout all this; his eyes were closed under some sunglasses; although he was still on high alert; nothing would hurt him if he could do this; right? Although, beyond the mouth shift, his arms stayed on his sides; and his legs stayed elegant. He wouldn't let people see inside the god; the man who ran the god. Although, he had to admit. His hair was quite fantastic; and clean, for living in a desert. His mind, although full of thoughts, was quite clean. He wasn't ready to call out to those curs yet, it wasn't time to meet. He had come roughly 50 minutes early to think. A hard bout of thought, sure, but still to think.

He decided to call out; it was about time those curs got here.

"Where are you, Curs, it's time you got here so that we can get training!" He said it loud, as to notify them if they were anywhere near in the premises. Which he would hope they were, cause if they weren't they were taking a damn long time. They were taking Mushis time and that wasn't at all acceptable; to Mushi at least, not that many others cared. He did, and he cared a damn lot. If they were late, he'd yell at them until the sun shined no more; well, at least call then mongrels and curs until he got tired and then punched them. Either worked.

Face Claim: Trey from FF Type-0

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PostSubject: Re: Grigol Imen(FIN)   Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:29 pm

Further explain your likes, dislikes, and fears

Label month and day unknown or label them something else for your birthday

For Arc of Embodiment, also put caster in "type."
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PostSubject: Re: Grigol Imen(FIN)   Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:10 pm

Fixed, anything else I need to do?
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PostSubject: Re: Grigol Imen(FIN)   Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:23 pm

Nope, all good. Approved!
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Grigol Imen(FIN)
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