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 Genesis Williams (Finished)

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Genesis Williams

Genesis Williams

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PostSubject: Genesis Williams (Finished)   Tue Jul 28, 2015 6:09 pm

Name: Genesis Williams

Nickname: The Ocean Angel

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 112 years old

Birthday: June 3rd, X1558

Race: Angel (Guardian)

Genesis is a sweet, kind and bubbly girl. She always is positive and has a never give up attitude. Naturally what comes with a never give up attitude is stubbornness. She is extremely outgoing and loves to chat. She is the one who walks up to the newbie and starts a conversation with them.

Despite her always happy attitude she has her own negative thoughts which eat her up in the inside. She is very blunt and talks so much that people can find her annoying. She also is a perfectionist, everything she does must be perfect and up to her standards. She also is a Control Freak, wanting everything to perfectly go her way or else it drives her crazy.


Pranks- Genesis loves to laugh and finds this way the best way to make herself laugh

Parties- To her, parties are a sign of celebration and happiness which she loves

The Ocean- This is where she feels at home the most

Her Guild- This is her family and her home

Marine Animals- She has a special bond with them and think of them as her friends


Bugs- She simply hates them for their appearance

Alcohol- She can't stand the taste of this beverage

Transportation- She has severe motion sickness

When things backfire- Whether is a prank or an entire plan gone wrong, Genesis hates it

Sadness- Genesis experienced plenty of sadness and disapointment in her life and never wants to experience it again

The Unknown- Genesis is scared about what dangers lie ahead in there

Boats- Its an irrational fear Genesis has, she was thrown overboard a boat when she was young

Failing her Duty- Genesis was sent to earthland to protect a being, she's too scared to think about what would happen if she fails

Fatal Flaw: Selflessness- Genesis is selfless to the point of recklessness. She was sent to earthland to become a guardian and protect her chosen person, however she often goes overboard.

Height: 4'11

Weight: 101lbs

Hair: Genesis has long, messy white hair with a pale blue, purple, pink, green, and yellow tint 

Eyes: She has large, passive golden/yellow-red eyes

Special Characteristics: Her eyes has a light blue tint when using her magic. Being an angel she can also summon a pair of wings on her back.

Description: Genesis has pale skin, and a slim figure. She often wears a purple sailor uniform paired by black stockings and shoes. She always wears a plastic crown on her head. Occasionally she could be seen wearing a blue dress with orange flats. If it's cold she will wear a thick blue jacket along with her normal clothing. In hot weather she will wear a green t-shirt, dark blue shorts and yellow flip flops. Her swimwear is a pink one piece swimsuit decorated with animals

Magic Name: Water Dragon Slayer (3rd Generation)

Element: Water

Type: Caster/Lost

Description:  Water Dragon Slayer is a lost, caster type magic that allows the user to transform their physical body into the bodies of a Water dragon: lungs capable of breathing powerful blasts of water, scales able to protect against both natural and magical water, and a body strong enough to handle even the harshest waters. This magic allows the user to utilize water in both offensive and defensive styles. It also allows the user to eat, or in this case drink natural water or the magic water of other water magic-users other than themselves as well as incorporating this element into their body.  There are three ways to gain this magic, the first way is to be taught by a dragon, it is also known as 1st generation dragon slayer. The second is to have their bodies implanted with water lacrimas, it is also known as 2nd generation dragon slayer.  The final way, also the strongest out of the three is to be taught by a dragon and to have a lacrima implanted in her body. The 3rd Generation Water DS uses the advanced form of their magic so they can heal, have AoE ignore, and can also produce burning and freezing damage.

Strengths: Water Dragon slayers have a natural advantage against fire. The user is capable in producing water from any part of their body. This magic can also suffocate a person, making them prone to an attack if a large amount of their water goes through the person's nose or mouth. Water dragon slayers can breath longer underwater than regular humans but they still will need air. 

Weaknesses: A Water Dragon Slayer's weakness is ice, since it can freeze over their water rendering their attacks useless. There is almost no way around this weakness. Like all other dragon slayers, they have motion sickness but can get around it if they fall asleep when the transportation is moving. In especially hot areas like the certain deserts or inside volcano the water can evaporate if it isn't strong enough

Magic Power: 3

Magic Resistance: 3

Physical Power: 1

Physical Resistance: 2

Intelligence: 10

Speed: 1

Health: 10

Guild: Lamia Scale

Guild Symbol: A cyan in color and slightly above the side of her right knee

Rank: D


Genesis was born in heaven in X1558. She is a young angel considering that angels can be up to thousands of years old. Genesis was never the ideal angel, she was rebellious, and often got into trouble. Unfortunately with her behavior was preventing her from achieving her dream to become an archangel. However the gods gave her a chance, she is to go to earthland and protect the people of her choosing. She agreed to this and she was sent down to earthland, before that, she was implanted with a water Lacrima, granting her Water Dragon Slayer magic.

She awoken in a boat that was in the middle of a storming sea. She due to having the water Lacrima inside of her, Genesis felt sick beyond belief. When the sailors found her they were surprised and confused.  The ship then turned over, due to the storm going on.

She was rescued however. A water Dragon by the name of Aaeon was flying over the seas when he spotted a girl nearly drowning. He saved her and brought her back to his island. There he decided to raise the girl as his daughter and teach her how to master Water Dragon Slayer magic. As the years passed, Genesis regained her angelic powers. She admitted to the dragon who she really was, he was surprised but his opinion of her did not change. She loved this Dragon like her own father and finally decided to be his guardian.

One day though, her foster father disappeared. Genesis was severely upset about this, saying that she failed her job. She began her search for him, traveling all around the continent. Finally after one year, she encountered Lamia Scale, a guild in Hargeon. She decided to join this guild in hopes that she would get more help in finding her father/dragon she was guarding.

RP Sample: (This is from another site I RPed in)
RP sample:

Face Claim: Shiro from No Game No Life

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Genesis Williams

Genesis Williams

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PostSubject: Re: Genesis Williams (Finished)   Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:22 pm

Completion Bump
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PostSubject: Re: Genesis Williams (Finished)   Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:34 pm

Two Things:
  1. The 3rd Generation Dragon Slayers, God Slayers, and Devil Slayers use the advanced form of their magic so your Water DS (3rd Gen) can heal, have AoE ignore, and can also produce burning and freezing damage.

  2. Appearance description must be at least a paragraph long

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Genesis Williams

Genesis Williams

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PostSubject: Re: Genesis Williams (Finished)   Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:48 pm

Changes have been made. Bump
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PostSubject: Re: Genesis Williams (Finished)   Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:50 pm

You're approved!
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PostSubject: Re: Genesis Williams (Finished)   

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Genesis Williams (Finished)
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