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 Hiroko (Done)

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PostSubject: Hiroko (Done)   Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:53 pm

Name: Hiroko Seijuro

Nickname: Twin Eye Seijuro/Mister Seijuro

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Age: 23

Birthday: September 18 X1646

Race: Vampire

Personality: Hiroko thinks he is fairly superior than any other human unless they proof him wrong. Hiroko is very smart, and he indeed knows there are people who is actually stronger than him, but with some help of his ego, he knows that people aren't as smart as him. He is very greedy and likes to play with the people's mind to manipulate them. He likes to read, in his words, knowledge is power, so he has a huge collection of books which he has read. He likes to mentally torture his enemies and confuse anyone. He can't take someone giving him orders, in fact, he can't take people ignoring him either, which can sometimes make him rage and lose focus in battles.

When he fights, he pays a lot of attention in the enemy's way to fight and usually uses it to defeat them easier. He likes to kill his enemies, not only defeat them, though he also likes to leave at least 1 alive to cause fear in other people. Since he knows his magic won't actually be enough to kill enemies, he takes any advantage he finds and uses it as a deadly weapon to win. He can't tolerate losing or being tricked simply because it would mean he isn't superior than those he lost to, and with his high ego, that's the worst stab he can receive.

- Woman. Even evil people like woman, and Hiroko really likes them a lot.
- Chaos. Confusing people and seeing how he is superior than them is fun for him.
- Playing. Playing around with his prays is fun to him.
- Reading. Usually books.
- Power. Power as in strength and magic abilities.

- Losing. This is something he isn't use to and doesn't like it either.
- Weakness. Not being able to defeat someone is something he can't tolerate.
- Impotence. Not being able to do much isn't something he likes either.
- Legal mages. As his enemy, he isn't suppose to like them.
- Bonds. He doesn't really like bonding with other people because it's a sign of weakness for him.

-Dying. He doesn't want to die since it would be the punishment for being weak.
-Being tricked. He is smart, and he wants to protect his ego.
-The end of dark guilds. It would somehow mean losing everything he knows.

Fatal Flaw: His ego and confidence is his fatal flaw. He thinks he's fairly superior than other living being, and he will do everything to feel like a kind in that world.

Height: 1.81 meters

Weight: 68 kilograms

Hair: Hiroko's hair is red and covers his ears but nothing else. It's shaggy and doesn't really need to be fixed to make it look good.

Eyes: Hiroko has crazy looking eyes. His left eye is yellow and his right eye is red, though the yellow eye can be changed to red eye to make it look normal.

Special Characteristics: Only his eye which can change from red to yellow and the other way around, but when it's red, Hiroko can't see with it making him only see in 2 dimensions instead of 3.

Description: Hiroko usually uses a red shirt, black coat and black pants with a belt. Though sometimes he can change cloths or color from black pants to white ones. He uses a black tie when he uses the black shirt and uses no tie when he uses white pants, when he uses white pants he usually doesn't use coat either. Also, he uses black shoes. Hiroko isn't that tall, he is thin yet strong person with a very toned body. He has light skin and can be considered handsome by woman. He likes to dress well and live in high standards and actually live like some sort of nobel.

Magic Name: Kōtei Nome (Emperor's Eye)

Element: Darkness

Type: Caster

Description: Hiroko has one eye he was born with, his left eye. That eye can switch from red to yellow to be able to use his magic. With this eye, he has two different abilities, he is able to choose what people see and what they don't. This means he is able to make different illusions and make some things invisible and untraceable meaning people can't hear them nor smell them etc. Though if he can only target one thing to make it invisible, any enemy will lose all senses towards the selected target, this means they can't feel (though can still touch him), smell, see or hear the target. Rain or other things  like dust for example won't touch the target of this invisibility, it's almost like erasing him from the world.


  • Confusing abilities for the enemies.
  • Allies can still see Hiroko.
  • Can create illusions AND make a single target invisible at the same time.


  • Illusions can't kill nor deal real damage.
  • No direct defensive abilities.
  • No buffing nor debuffs.

Magic Power: 1

Magic Resistance: 1

Physical Power: 3

Physical Resistance: 1

Intelligence: 10

Speed: 4

Health: 10

Guild: Grimoire Heart

Guild Symbol: Red in his back.

Rank: C

History: Noah was born in Fiore, in Hargeon Town to be precise. He lived a very nice and simple life. His parents, Marik and Lily only wanted and had one kid. They lived in the coast of Hargeon in a little wooden and stone house. Marik was a carpenter who dedicated his life to fix ships at the port.

When Noah was 6, his parents died in a strange accident. After a few days living at his uncle's house, Noah was informed about the accident. His parents were murdered by a group of Ilegal Mages in a job because of his father strong influence in the ports. Noah grew learning magic taught by his uncle Armin. After many years, when Noah turned 19, he decided to avenge his parents by searching and killing those who killed his parents. Noah looked for many dark guilds, but as he expected, it was difficult to find any of them, and to find the correct one was even harder.

Noah finally found the specific guild when he was 21. At that time, he had lived by working in a little legal guild without telling them his real intentions. When he found the guild and entered to find those who he was about to kill, he saw what a real dark guild was. He anyway attempted to take his revenge, and as he did. The power of this young mage surprised the dark guild. After they saw how strong he was, they decided to offer him power and glory. Noah, blinded by his emotions of success and happiness after killing the small group of mages, accepted their invitation and started his new life as a illegal mage. A life with anything he desired in the palm of his hand.

In his new guild, Hiroko didn't last for long. He participated in a guild war with another dark guild who exterminated all his guild but him. He found that a sign of weakness and didn't care to avenge his guild, instead, he looked for a place in a new guild, and after looking for about 6 months, he found a perfect guild for him Grimoire Heart, a powerful dark guild in fiore.

RP Sample:
Just wanted to say, I no longer write by placing the dialog out of the paragraphs:

Face Claim: Akashi - Kuroko no Basuke

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PostSubject: Re: Hiroko (Done)   Tue Jul 28, 2015 5:59 pm

Finish Bump

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PostSubject: Re: Hiroko (Done)   Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:43 pm


  1. While he has his yellow eye, he can see anything in a 10 meter radius besides his normal sight zone.  - Remove this please, no passive abilities that assists in combat
  2. Illusion isn't an element, just keep it darkness


  1. He participated in a guild war with the powerful guild Tartarus who exterminated all his guild but him - You cannot create guild wars with the guilds that we have here. Remove this or change it to a different guild that we do not have here on FTRP Magic

Fix those and you should be good
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PostSubject: Re: Hiroko (Done)   Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:20 pm

Bump I guess

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PostSubject: Re: Hiroko (Done)   Tue Jul 28, 2015 9:24 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Hiroko (Done)   

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Hiroko (Done)
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