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 [3] Advanced Molding Magic [4,000,000 J]

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PostSubject: [3] Advanced Molding Magic [4,000,000 J]   Fri Jul 24, 2015 6:31 pm

Name: Molding Magic

Type: Caster

Element: Various [You choose]

Description: Molding Magic allows the user to mold or create something by concentrating their Magic Power into their hands, like an element, into different shapes or forms. If the user uses both of their hands in molding an element, they can create an accurate form of their element. Casting one-handed is easier, but it is a less stable form of molding, and may result in less powerful creations. Molding Magic has been described as an "unrestrained" type of Magic, with the shapes created reflecting the personality of the user. Therefore, creations tend to be different from user to user, even if the users happen to be proficient in the same element.

Strengths: What makes molding magic so special is that the creations last as long as the caster wants it (unless destroyed) without any sustaining costs. Molding magic will have a different elemental advantage(s) depending on which element you choose.

Weaknesses: Depending on which element you choose, it will have a different elemental weakness(s). Since there are no sustains to this magic, your creations can be destroyed, unlike all other sustained creations.


  • You can summon things with your molding magic. (All summons must be of your element.)
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[3] Advanced Molding Magic [4,000,000 J]
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