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 Upgrading Your Custom Magic

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PostSubject: Upgrading Your Custom Magic   Upgrading Your Custom Magic EmptyWed Jul 22, 2015 5:15 pm

When upgrading your custom magic, you need to post a topic titled (You magic's name) Upgrade or Advanced (your magic's name). You may also give your magic a new title as well, just as long as it goes along with your original custom magic's name. Please keep in mind that when creating a custom magic upgrade, your custom magic must be your primary magic. Also, you must keep your magic's description the same. The only exception is that when changing the name of your magic, if the name is mentioned in the description, then you may edit the name of the magic in the description of the magic. The strengths and weaknesses are the same (unless an element is added.)

The upgrades: When upgrading a magic, there are endless possibilities to what it can do. The upgrades must make sense for your magic though. To have a, say, particular custom light magic that you want to upgrade and you want it to control somebody, that just doesn't make sense now does it. You get an initial two upgrades that you can completely make up. They can be things such as double durability or double damage and more. However, if you have two upgrades that makes your magic seem too op, the staff will ask you to either only keep one of those upgrades, or change your upgrades. This is a case by case scenario. Here is the template you use to create your custom upgraded magic:

Name: (Name of magic)

Type: (Caster or Holder [Maybe ancient])

Element: (Element(s) of magic)

Description: (Description of magic)

Strengths: (Strengths of magic)

Weaknesses: (Weaknesses of magic)

Upgrade(s): (These are the upgrade[s] of your magic. It is preferred to list them as bullets.)

[b]Name:[/b] (Name of magic)

[b]Type:[/b] (Caster or Holder [Maybe ancient])

[b]Element:[/b] (Element(s) of magic)

[b]Description:[/b] (Description of magic)

[b]Strengths:[/b] (Strengths of magic)

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (Weaknesses of magic)

[b]Upgrade(s):[/b] (These are the upgrade[s] of your magic. It is preferred to list them as bullets.)
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Upgrading Your Custom Magic
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