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 [ER | MC] The First Day [D]

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[ER | MC] The First Day [D] Empty
PostSubject: [ER | MC] The First Day [D]   [ER | MC] The First Day [D] EmptyFri Jul 10, 2015 4:22 pm

Name: The First Day

Reward: 5,000 J

Location: Era

Wrote: Hello Magic Council member! Are you ready to start the path to become a Rune Knight? You are? Great! Meet me on the training grounds tomorrow at 5:30 sharp. Don't be late! - Rune Knight Johnson


  • Find the note on your bed at the barracks
  • Wake up early and arrive at the training grounds at 5:30
  • Meet up with your trainer. You will refer to him as Rune Knight Johnson.
  • He will ask you a few questions such as your name, magic, etc.
  • He will tell you the basics of being a Rune Knight
  • At 6:00 you will begin physically training
  • By 6:30 he will give you a break to go get breakfast. Be back by 7:00.
  • Rune Knight Johnson will continue your training until 12:00. He will allow breaks every 30 minutes.
  • Once 12:00 comes, your training is over. You have successfully completed your first day of being in the magic Council.


  • Name: Rune Knight Johnson
  • Description: He is a very strict but nice Rune Knight who's job it is to train the Magic Council members who have not quite reached Rune Knight level yet.
  • Appearance:

    [ER | MC] The First Day [D] Uniform13

NOTE: This request must be completed before you take any other Magic Council requests.
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[ER | MC] The First Day [D]
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