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Here in Fiore, there are much more then just humans. There are these creatures who can appear as just regular humans but are really different beings such as fairies, elves, vampires, and even angels. However, certain races are limited. These races are on a first come, first serve basis. There are also some races that you can unlock. It is unknown how you unlock the race. You will know it when you do though. You can also be from a different countries. Where you are from does not have any boosts to it.


  • Fiore - Fioran
  • Stella - Stellarian
  • Bosco - Bosconian
  • Seven - Sevarian
  • Joya - Joyan
  • Desierto - Desierton
  • Iceberg - Bergian
  • Enca - Encan
  • Sin - Sins
  • Bellum - Belluman
  • Pergrande Kingdom - Pergrande
  • Midi - Midian
  • Ca-Elum - Elumian


  • Human - A human is a normal person. Most humans are capable of learning magic. Not all humans are born with magic though. Those who use magic are known as mages.

  • Fairy - When you think of fairies, you think of those cute little flying creatures with wings. You would be right. However, fairies are normally disguised as humans. They can choose when to have their wings show and can choose when they are in their 5 inch form and their human-sized form. Fairies, when they sprout their wings, can fly at movement speed. However, if they loose their wings in a maim viable topic, they will have to get their wings grown back with magic to fly again. A fairy's wings are extremely fragile. Instead of being able to be cut off with an S-ranked spell, it can be cut off with an A-ranked spell.

  • Angel - An angel is considered a divine being. There are two kinds of angels. Guardian angels and fallen angels. The fallen angels are ones that have turned evil and were banished from the heavens. Guardian angels are the ones that chose to come down to the earth to guard a being of their choosing. Angels have the ability to fly at movement speed. Their light and darkness spells are doubled in terms of power. This can be stacked with any other attack boosts the magic may come with. There can only be 1 fallen angel and only 1 guardian angel in FTRP.

  • Vampire - There are two was to become a vampire. You are either born by a vampire or have been bitten by a vampire. Vampires are incredibly fast beings who have a 50% speed buff to them. Vampires are also extremely talented at blood and darkness magic having the attack power of those elements doubled and can be stacked with any other boosts the magic may already have. However, with this, any blood or darkness magic takes up 2 magic slots instead of 1. Also, vampires are sensitive to the sun having all light damage dealing twice as much damage to them.

  • Lycan - Lycans are different from werewolves. Lycans can go into their werewolf form at will. Their power is staid to be enhanced by the full moon. However, that is not proven to be be true. While in their werewolf form, a Lycan's stats are tripled. However, their personality will change and they will not know friend from foe. Their claws and fangs will either deal out slashing or piercing damage (depending on how you use them.)

  • Elf - An elf is not like those ones that works in Santa's workshop. No, think more woodland elf. Elves are known for their great intelligence, speed, and eyesight. An elf has a 25% stackable buff to their speed. Their eyesight is 4 times as well as a human's. On top of that, elves have a passive 5 points in intelligence. Elves are usually on the taller side and are well noticed by their pointy ears.

  • Neko - Nekos are cat-like people. They have cat-like features such as cat ears, a tail, or slightly fanged feline teeth. An ability that a Neko can possess is the ability to turn into a cat or a member of the feline family of their choice. A unique ability that Nekos have is the ability to turn their nails into a feline's claws. They can produce slashing, physical damage with their claws. Along with that, they have a 25% stackable physical attack buff. Nekos, like most cats, are known for their agility, resulting in a 25% stackable speed buff.
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Races Guide
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