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 [B] Theta: The Minoris

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PostSubject: [B] Theta: The Minoris   [B] Theta: The Minoris EmptyWed Jul 08, 2015 1:57 am

[B] Theta: The Minoris Theta11


Status: Available

Name: Theta: The Minoris
Rank: C
Requirements: Celestial Spirit Magic & Theta: The Minoris
Magic Energy: 22/6
Type: Limited
Damage: 8
Speed: 10 m/s
Resistance: 4
Mana Pool: 200
Description: Theta is a navy blue, almost black haired girl with burgundy eyes. Much unlike her sister, she is more of the calm and intelligent one. She, just like her sister, uses light magic. Theta does not like being summoned a lot. However, she doesn't mind being summoned with her sister at any time. Despite how much Theta likes the quiet, her sister seems to be the only loud thing that keeps her calm.

Light Magic:
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[B] Theta: The Minoris
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