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 [B] Gamma: The Minoris

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PostSubject: [B] Gamma: The Minoris   [B] Gamma: The Minoris EmptyWed Jul 08, 2015 1:29 am

[B] Gamma: The Minoris Polari10


Status: Available

Name: Gamma: The Minoris
Rank: C
Requirements: Celestial Spirit Magic & Gamma: The Minoris
Magic Energy: 22/6
Type: Limited
Damage: 8
Speed: 20 m/s
Resistance: 2
Mana Pool: 150
Description: Gamma is a pretty bright spirit. She is all about having fun while battling. She does her best when she is paired up with her sister during a battle. She seems to be more... focused that way. Gamma loves sending out quick and effective attacks. She is not the best with magic but this white haired girl can use light magic.

Light Magic:
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[B] Gamma: The Minoris
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