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 [1] Light Magic [50,000 J]

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[1] Light Magic [50,000 J] Empty
PostSubject: [1] Light Magic [50,000 J]   [1] Light Magic [50,000 J] EmptyTue Jul 07, 2015 5:07 pm

[1] Light Magic [50,000 J] Light_Blast

Name: Light Magic

Type: Caster

Element: Light

Description: It is a Magic in which the caster is able to manipulate and utilize light in various ways. Occasionally, a certain technique, usually involving the hands, is used to cast a Light spell. When used for offense, the Magic can take the form of a sphere-like object that can be ejected at the opponent or as a beam that can be blasted. Light can also be emitted from the caster's body; depending on the brightness or heat that the light emits, it can be capable enough to blind an enemy or cause the surroundings to explode. Light Magic can also be manifested for multiple usage in defense.

Strengths: Light magic has a variety of forms it can take. It is strong against the darkness element. Light is good for blinding enemies and can use burning damage.

Weaknesses: Light magic is weak against the darkness element and can only be used when there is light.
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[1] Light Magic [50,000 J]
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