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 [1] Water Magic [50,000 J]

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[1] Water Magic [50,000 J] Empty
PostSubject: [1] Water Magic [50,000 J]   [1] Water Magic [50,000 J] EmptyTue Jul 07, 2015 4:12 pm

[1] Water Magic [50,000 J] Juvia%27s_Water_Beam

Name: Water Magic

Type: Caster

Element: Water

Description: A form of Magic revolving around the element of water, placed under the user's command for them to utilize for various purposes. Depending on its use, the physical properties of water can be manipulated to the user's advantage; large masses of such liquid are shown to possess remarkable force, capable of inflicting blunt damage upon targets by sweeping them away with water. A similar effect can be achieved using high-pressure currents, which, due to their reduced size, focus the damage on smaller areas. Pressure is also manipulable to a great extent, enough that when it is focused on the outer sides of the water surfaces being controlled, the liquid can become an effective cutting weapon—mirroring a real blade. Whirlpools generated on the ground by this Magic, combining rotatory force and slicing power, can easily reduce solid rock to pieces. The user is also able to erect domes of water around foes, in order to knock them out by depriving them of air.

Strengths: Water magic is a very versatile magic. It is great for enhancements. It is strong against fire, earth, and poison elements.

Weaknesses: Water magic is weak against ice and plant elements. The user cannot draw water from external sources. It is generated from them.
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[1] Water Magic [50,000 J]
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