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 [1] Earth Magic [50,000 J]

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PostSubject: [1] Earth Magic [50,000 J]   [1] Earth Magic [50,000 J] EmptyTue Jul 07, 2015 1:49 pm

[1] Earth Magic [50,000 J] Earth_Magic

Name: Earth Magic

Type: Caster

Element: Earth

Description: The caster makes use of the earth around them for combat, giving the user a great deal of flexibility when using their Magic. Skilled users can manipulate the physical properties of earth, such as making sand as hard as metal, creating iron-hard rock pillars from the ground, or even bending the ground at will and turning it into a liquid form. Earth Magic also enables the user to literally dive into the ground (be it rock, concrete, or metal), using their hands or feet, and tunnel through it.
Like other elemental Magics, some users can also transform their bodies into earth and travel through solid obstacles and the ground itself.

Strengths: Earth magic is strong against air and is great for the people who wants to be the defenders of a group.

Weaknesses: Earth magic is weak against the water element and the spells can only be activated when the user is on the ground.
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[1] Earth Magic [50,000 J]
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