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 Ranks Guide

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In Fiore, mages are placed into ranks. These ranks allows them to take certain requests and gets you quite some fane as you reach the higher ranks. Here are all the ranks:

  • D-Rank - You are a starting mage. You know at the very least 1 magic. Nobody has ever heard of you before. - 0 experience - gains 0 intelligence

  • C-Rank - I see you've been growing a bit. Okay, well you still have a whole lot more room to impove if you want to be an S-ranked wizard. - 10,000 expereince - gains 5 intelligence

  • B-Rank - You're becoming a more powerful mage. Great! Remember though, it's still going to take a whole lot of work to climb those ranks. - 40,000 experience - gains 10 intelligence

  • A-Rank - Now you're starting to gather some fame around here. You're a semi-famous figure around your town. Some people have heard of you and some have not. - 80,000 experience - gains 15 intelligence

  • S-Rank - Here we go. Now you're a figure most people in your town know of. Even some people in close cities have heard your name or, at least your nickname. - 120,000 experience + promotion test. - gains 20 intelligence

  • SS-Rank - Phew, you've made it past all those ranks. Guess what? Only one more rank until you can take decade requests! You are a truely famous figure throughout your town and most people even in regions away from you have heard of you. - 200,000 experience - gains 25 intelligence

  • X-Rank - Congratulations on making it to X rank! You know those requests you've seen that people haven't completed in 10 years? Now you can try to complete one. Are you up for the task? Hey, at least whoever you're taking it from will probably know who you are at least. You are getting to be quite the popular person. - 300,000 experience - gains 30 intelligence

  • Z-Rank - Hey, remeber those days when you were an S-ranked wizard? Yeah, that seems like childsplay now. You've finally made it to the top rank. Everybody throughout Fiore knows of your name. You are either a truely feared or worshiped figure. Nobody dares pick a fight with you. You are truely an amazing wizard. - 500,000 experience - gains 35 intelligence
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Ranks Guide
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