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 2. Roleplaying Rules

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PostSubject: 2. Roleplaying Rules   2. Roleplaying Rules EmptySat Jul 04, 2015 5:52 pm

So you've read the site rules. Now, if you haven't roleplayed before then it would be extremely wise for you to read this. If you already know how to role play, it still might be a good idea to read these rules just in case there are some rules here that you haven't seen before.

  1. Third Person & Past Tense - This makes everything easier when people are roleplaying. It sometimes gets confusing when one person is talking in first person or in present tense while another person is doing the opposite. This is not required but strongly recomended to do.

  2. Chronological Order - So, here's how this goes. Everything that happens is topics is in chronological order. Say you entered topic A and later on you joined topic B. Anything that happens in topic A you can relate to in topic B since topic A happened first. However, anything that happens in topic B you cannot refer to in topic A.

  3. No Godmodding - Godmodding is basically when one character controls another character. This includes how somebody feels to any thoughts or actions they have or make.

  4. No Auto-Hitting - Auto-Hitting goes hand in hand with godmodding. This way you're not technically controling somebody but you are in a way. Auto-Hitting is when you automatically inflict damage on somebody. Say you're in a fight. Person A posts that he threw a punch that was so fast that you couldn't dodge it and it hit. This is auto-hitting. That's not very fair now is it.

  5. No Metagaming - Remember, any knowledge that you have in a topic is known throgh IC (in character) experiences. OOC (out of character) you may know lets say Jason but IC you don't know Jason. Mentioning Jason (unless he's widely known i.e being a Wizard Saint) in a topic would be considered metagaming.
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2. Roleplaying Rules
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