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Welcome to FTRP Magic! This is a non-canon RP. Set your imagination free for RP and just have fun!
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PostSubject: 1. Site Rules   1. Site Rules EmptySat Jul 04, 2015 12:21 pm

First off, welcome to FTRP is Magic! This is meant to be a nice website with a good community so that everyone here is comfortable with one another. To do that, I have some ground rules I need to cover.

  1. Respect All Players - Everyone must respect all players here. Even if that player is the hugest bully ever, staff will deal with him/her. It will just get you in trouble too getting in a fight with that player.

  2. Respect Staff - It goes along with "Respect All Players." Please don't be rude to staff, get in fights with staff. What they say goes unless I or a higher member of staff says so.

  3. Swearing/Cussing - Mild forms of this is allowed but please don't include a whole lot of cuss words in your posts or in the chatbox.

  4. No Spamming - Please don't spam your posts or spam the chatbox. It just gets annoying.

  5. Have Fun! - This is a role play! I want you to have fun here! Express your creativity and have some fun with your character and your posts.
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1. Site Rules
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