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 [ER | MC] Paperwork [D]

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PostSubject: [ER | MC] Paperwork [D]   [ER | MC] Paperwork [D] EmptyMon Aug 31, 2015 10:00 pm

Name: Paperwork

Reward: 5,000 J

Location: Era

Wrote: So you want to be a Rune Knight. Well, you have to start doing paperwork like one! Go and meet the secretary at the front desk. She'll inform you on the rest of your task. - Rune Knight Johnson


  • Find the note on your bed at the barracks
  • Go to the front desk and talk to the secretary
  • She will give you a little talk on how Rune Knights not only protect Fiore, but have to deal with paperwork.
  • She will tell you to go to the archives and look over some old reports the Rune Knights have filed and taken care of.
  • You will then have to alphabetize the ones filed incorrectly.
  • The secretary will check your work.
  • If it's all done correctly, you'll be rewarded.


  • Name: Magic Council Secretary
  • Description: She talks in a pretty monotone voice. She appears tired most of the time. It's clear that she really doesn't like her job.
  • Appearance:

    [ER | MC] Paperwork [D] Office-secretary
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[ER | MC] Paperwork [D]
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