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 Mirage Hearts

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PostSubject: Mirage Hearts   Mirage Hearts EmptyTue Aug 25, 2015 4:11 pm

They said that once upon a time, the Realm of Light was whole and happy. People bathed in the light, and in it they felt peace. Then greedy people sought out to possess the light for themselves, and with that sin of avarice darkness was born into their hearts. As a result, there was a terrible war which raged until it brought about a horrific cataclysm.

The realm of Light was shattered and Kingdom Hearts was lost to the depths of deepest darkness, never to be recovered. Innumerable lives were annihilated with nothing but a giant graveyard of their fallen weapons remaining as proof of their existence. But in that darkness, the hearts of children retained their light, and gave birth to new and incredible worlds of wonder and imagination. The Realm of Light, just barely, managed to live on. An unknown amount of time has passed...

In this world that now rebuilds what was lost, make your mark and forge history. Starting from the beginning of the Birth by Sleep era, Mirage Hearts is an alternative history to the main Kingdom Hearts canon. Kingdom Hearts original characters are altered due to the timeline, leaving us with the setting and the lore with which to create a world.

We feature an in-depth competitive system, that is both flexible and rewarding. Work towards the nigh-unstoppable Character Tier 5 as you construct a personalized skilltree, unlock the mighty prestige races, and battle dangerous Mega-Heartless. Want to get an edge? A difficult and rigorous application process will reward you with the powerful keyblade, the strongest weapon on our site. Want to quickly turn the tides of battle? Apply for a Drive Focus, and attain mighty Drive Forms to dominate your foes.

Mirage Hearts is an ever growing, and always changing based on the interests and feedback of our member base. With the new addition of Organizations, a guild-like feature, you and friends can band together and take on quests, conquer raids, and get rewarded for just RPing and having fun.

We’re proud of the wonderful, supportive community we have on site. With a wide variety of personalities present, there are many stories to be plotted and created. Have a question or need help refining an idea? You’re just a simple question away from many minds offering their assistance. Just want to relax and chat with other members? That’s fine, too.

Mirage Hearts is also currently hosting a Character Transfer Promotion. Currently have a character you’d like to bring over? Don’t want to start from the bottom? No problem. After a short application, our staff will help translate your character to our power scale and work with you to get you all nice and settled in. For more information regarding the Transfer Promotion, please click the link http.: http://miragehearts.forumotion. com/t2341-character-transfer-promotion.

See you there!~
http.:// miragehearts.forumotion com/

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Mirage Hearts
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