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 Alice Harper

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Alice Harper

Alice Harper

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Alice Harper Shizurufujino

Alice Harper Coolte45

Name: Alice Harper

Nickname: Tainted Rose

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Homosexual

Age: 102

Birthday: 3th March X1568

Race: Elf

Personality: Alice is a calm and kind person. She usually thinks through any kind of situation and it's outcome. Too bad she also likes to keep it to herself. Unless she needs others for a plan. She doesn't actively avoid company, but sometimes, when things aren't important or don't seem important to her. She likes to keep for herself what she knows. In all regards she actually loves company, but more to talk about things that are less important. She is known to go away from a conversation if they bother her to much. When around beautiful woman she knows, she can lose her calmness a little and become a little perverted.

Otherwise Alice usually is friendly and doesn't really becomes angry fast. Oh, and she always carries around a few bottles of different poisons, mostly to use as special spices on her food. For safety purposes these poisons are always non-lethal and most of them have harmless, but maybe annoying side effects. They usually don't even work on humans. If they do (only with permission from the RPer controlling the character. ) it usually is just a funny effect that last a day at most. She does not take kindly to being held captive, bound or not and will react with harsh force upon her captors when she is released, unless she promised otherwise. Word on that, if she promises something she always comes through with it, or at least does her best. She can lie and use half-truths, but once she promised something that all goes out of the window.

- Clothes: Loves to wear different clothes a lot.

- Shoes:  Loves to wear different shoes a lot.

- Poison: Tastes good, sometimes forgets not everyone can eat it. Usually with hilarious results, sometimes with serious results.

- Food: Especially sweet food, but anything goes really.

- Alcohol: Loves to drink a lot of ale.

- Girls: She really likes to see a beautiful or cute girl. Loves even more to spend the night with them.

- Cute stuff: Alice Has a soft spot for cute things.


- Men: Not to the point that she will actively avoid them, but she tends to like the company of girls a lot more.

- Wine: For some reason, she doesn't likes wine nearly as much as ale. Maybe it's something they put in it?

- Water: It's for the fish, let them drink it!

- Mean, or outright Evil people: There is hard definition for what goes for evil, but if she won't like it if it's obvious to her.

- Unreasonable authority figures: if your in charge you got to let a lose hand once in a while. That and be fair, that or people will rebel.

- Doctors: Kind of a necessary evil, even more so than normal people. Since they are her primary source of getting poisons. No she doesn't like them at all, especially those that refuse to sell her poison.


- Autophobia: Fear of being abandoned. She kind of felt abandoned both when her parents died and Gif disappeared. While she understands that it wasn't a fault of their parents, she still doesn't understand why Gif had to go without telling her anything. Could be one of her many annoying tests though.

- Merinthophobia- Fear of being bound or tied up. Being abducted and bound tends to do that to a child, she never really grew out of it.

- Claustrophobia- Fear of confined spaces. Spend almost her entire life in a large swamp. Small rooms seem just sort of scary for her now.

Fatal Flaw: Remember what killed the cat? She is curious enough that if there is something she wants to know, she won't turn back from that ominous looking castle with lighting clouds around it. She will not run away from the giant volcano of doom that can erupt any second. And she most certainly 'accidentally forget' to mention to her teammates that she will get whatever information she wants at any cost. She does prepare for such things, usually in a calm way. But more often than not the master plan turns out to be charge in with as much poison she can carry and fire off. This fatal flaw gets even worse when she hears that Gif has been spotted, or she thinks she can learn more about her parents, in which case her calmness flies out the window and she probably will forget to prepare for anything. Knowledge is power after all, and Alice likes to hoard it all for herself.

Alice Harper Coolte44

Height: 1, 71 cm

Weight: 55 kg

Hair: Brown
Eyes: Red

Special Characteristics: Pointy ears, standard for elvenkind.

Description: Alice her body is on the slim side, It also very soft. As she tends not to be one to enjoy physical labor to much.  Her long brown hair waves down to about the same height as her breasts. Her red eyes can look scary from time to time, but most people have grown used to it after knowing her for a while. While she loves to wear traditional clothes like yakuta's she only ever wears them when there something to celebrate. In her daily life she usually wears skirts with normal t-shirts or sometimes, she wears simple dresses. She also loves to wear long boots and a variety of shoes.

Alice Harper Coolte43

Magic Name: Poison Dragon Slayer Magic

Element: Poison

Type: Caster/Lost

Description: The caster creates various values of certain poisons to damage and debuff others. All spells of a Poison Dragon Slayer will hurt more than average, unless that wasn't the point of the spell, such as a debuff. They still tend to sting at least though. So it's not hard to tell when or where you're hit.


- Stronger than most other magics of it's kind.

- Perfect for trap making too.

- Can eat poison to recover lost magical power.


- First generation cannot activate dragon force at will.

- People tend to look at you if you use poison. Most people don't like it.

- Can't eat a god or devil's slayer poison.

- Poison tends to be rare, only doctors seems to be a reliable source. They may not always be willing to part with it.

Alice Harper Coolte42

Magic Power: 3

Magic Resistance: 2

Physical Power: 1

Physical Resistance: 1

Intelligence: 15

Speed: 3

Health: 10

Alice Harper Coolte41

Guild: Mermaid Heel

Guild Symbol: On her left shoulder, purple.

Rank: D rank

Alice Harper Coolte40

History: Born to normal elves that lead a secluded life in the woods life wasn't always easy. They had to hunt for their own food, and some days they got nothing. In which case they had to do with whatever vegetables they found. Alice never really knew this life though. Because not for long, her parents were killed by bandits. They took Alice prisoner. She had no clue what was about to happen as she was about 10 years old at the time. Note that Elves ages slightly slower than humans do. That night, they camped in a swamp. Just as the men where to do something to her, a titanic thing behind them moved.

They couldn't see what it was, but the bandits weren't about to stay behind to find out. They were gone before the thing was even entirely up. Of course, they didn't even took the time to cut lose Alice her bounds. They just left the young girl to die. Luckily for said girl the creature was a sentient one. A dragon at that, and the bandit's were foolish enough to step into it's territory. Something it really didn't like. However it could also see that Alice was bound and a child, so the dragon was smart enough to know the little girl didn't mean to come here. she let Alice stay for the night. The swamp during the day was dangerous. At night, it was deathtrap to everything that was smaller than a giant.

At first the dragon acted very passive aggressive around the girl. Making sure that she didn't feel welcome. The tiny problem was that Alice had nowhere to go at this point. So she just kept keeping up following the wyrm through her home. Never mind the fact the she could sink any moment and she knew it. She was smart for her age. More because she really couldn't get out of the swamp herself. She grabbed the beast by it's leg, to which she just shoved her off. But she just stood back off, she wasn't giving up. The dragon could fly away, but apparently didn't. Maybe it was testing her, seeing how far she was willing to go? She was quiet wounded from the times she was pushed back by the dragon, but those were just some bruises, nothing a good night rest wouldn't heal over time.

Then at the end of the day, when almost another day had past, they kept playing the game. Now, the dragon said it was enough. It opened it's mouth and a large purple substance was drawn from it. Which she promptly fired at Alice. Alice braced for an attack, knowing if that thing just as much blew at her it could kill her. Though, it stung, it didn't really harm her. Instead, the wounds on her body healed, simple as they were. So her breath could heal others? She didn't expect that from such a dark, scary looking giant lizard with wings. Or at least that was what it seemed to look like back then. Years passed after this and Alice was able to live a happy life with Gif, the poison dragon. The dragon seemed to love swamps.

Unfortunately good things do not last forever. One morning, when Alice woke, Gif had disappeared without a trace. She couldn't find her by scent, by hearing. Nothing. All she could do was walk the earthland to find the dragon she missed. Eventually she learned about guilds, and thought having multiple people she could ask about the place of the dragon was a good idea. As such she joined Mermaid Heel.

RP Sample:
From another site:

Face Claim: Shizuru Fujino from Mai-Hime

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Alice Harper

Alice Harper

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you're approved!
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Alice Harper
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