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 Genesis's Journal

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Genesis Williams

Genesis Williams

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PostSubject: Genesis's Journal   Genesis's Journal EmptyMon Aug 24, 2015 9:50 am

Name: Genesis Williams
Rank: C
Gender: Female

  • (Magic 2)

    • (Spells for Magic 2)

Items:Amphitrite's Halo
Pets: Lightning the Exceed

  • Lightning: Ever since she found him when he was young they've been very close friends. Genesis being extremely protective of him didn't let him take jobs with her until recently.

July X1670: Genesis started off her journey near the middle of this month. Her main missions was to become more powerful and find her foster father, Aaeon in Fiore. In this month she became stronger, achieving C rank and receiving a gift, Amphitrite's Halo which doubled her magic power. For the first time ever, she took her first job with her best friend and partner in crime, Lightning.
August X1670: TBA
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Genesis's Journal
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