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 Ashaiya's Journal

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Ashaiya's Journal Empty
PostSubject: Ashaiya's Journal   Ashaiya's Journal EmptyMon Aug 24, 2015 7:51 am

Name: Ashaiya
Rank: B
Gender: Female

  • Sky God Slayer

    • Sky God's Bellow
    • Sky God's Dance
    • Sky God's Blades
    • Breath of the Sky God
    • Sky God's Blessing
    • Sky God's Twin Twisters
    • Sky God's Boreas

  • (Magic 2)

    • (Spells for Magic 2)

Items: Wings of the Wind
Pets: Tigris the Exceed
Relationships: Tigris - Ashaiya and her Exceed partner have become inseparable over the short time they have been together.
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Ashaiya's Journal
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