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 Travel [Hargeon to Worth Woodsea]

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Travel [Hargeon to Worth Woodsea] Empty
PostSubject: Travel [Hargeon to Worth Woodsea]   Travel [Hargeon to Worth Woodsea] EmptySat Aug 22, 2015 2:16 am

The rising sun that was slowly inching over the horizon of the city of Hargeon was a sight to behold. The warm red and yellow rays of sunlight illuminated the crystal clear waters of the sea. Shadows in the water swam away as if it were afraid of the sunlight. A few marine animals came to the surface to play, the threat of nighttime and its evil creatures were chased away, promising a safe day. As the sun rose higher the black clouds slowly morphed into fluffy cotton-like clouds. The sky that was once pitch black turned a golden color. The stars that were illuminating the sky disappeared, promising to come back once it was nighttime again.

A few people were up at this early hour. Most were sound asleep in their room, hours before they stir. The guild of Lamia Scale was silent, with a few mages in its hall. Genesis and Lightning were two of them. The two was checking if they had their stuff in the hall. When they confirmed they did have it all they quickly bought a meal for breakfast before their long trip.

After they finished eating the tossed their bags on their backs and decided to stroll through Hargeon a bit. Genesis stopped as she saw something that caught her eye. It was a pair of magic headphones. She herself didn’t have much interest in these trivial items but it was well known to her that Lightning loved music, especially rock. She told her partner to stay outside as she went in and bought the item along with a few tapes of rock. The price was slightly high, but she did have an awful amount of money that was begging to be spent. Afterwards she went outside and handed it to him. His face showed extreme happiness as he gave her a quick hug and scooped up his new gift in his tiny paws. He tried to put it on himself but he soon had to get help from Genesis.

Once the music was playing in his magic headphones the two took for the sky. It was quite a silent flight considering Lightning was just mainly listening to his music and not talking. Genesis didn’t mind this, she was too excited for her trip to Worth Woodsea, one of the very few places she never been to, one of the few places where her father may be in. However after a few minutes of thinking, Genesis realized how far ahead Lightning was compared to her. She screamed at him to slow down but Lightning was too deeply engrossed in his music to hear her.

After a while she finally gave up as she just flew at fast as she can to catch up to him with no avail. Pretty soon the two got split off. Genesis began to panic; she just lost her best friend. Fortunately for her, Lightning and she had a sense of direction. She would just meet up with him at the city. This wasn’t the first time, ever since she found the little wolf-like exceed, she split up with him. With their luck they would reunite again somehow, after all Lightning was a survivor and somehow they always found their way back together.

Genesis’s flight speed became a bit irregular as she began to worry about where her partner was. She knew that she wasn’t the Guardian of the little Exceed but she always considered herself to be one. She loved and cared for him like he was the one she chose to protect. Genesis cursed herself for this; her normally protective attitude was getting the best of her. She knew that he was safe and should let him fend for himself. Casting away her thoughts she decided to just focus on getting to Worth Woodsea rather than trying to find Lightning 24/7. He is his own protector after all.

Without thinking or saying a word she kept flying at her max speed to Worth Woodsea. She just kept focusing on flying her fastest to Worth Woodsea. However it was a long flight, Genesis got winded easily but ignored the feeling as she kept flying, flapping her white feathered wings as fast as she could. However soon the bright yellow sun was reaching the end of its track. It was slowly but steadily disappearing behind the mountains, painting the sky a red color, possibly confirming good weather the next day.

Genesis knew she had to stop when it turned dark. She flew around looking for a lake. Fortunately she was in a forest with tons of vegetation and lakes. It wasn’t hard to find one. As she landed back on the ground she drank some water from the lake. She didn’t feel like nor needed to eat. She climbed the trees and made herself in a comfortable position to sleep. However without Lightning to cuddle up with the tree seemed cold and empty. She ignored the feeling as she forced herself to go to sleep, she still had a long flight ahead of her after all.
The next morning when she woke, she was expecting to hear a soft snore and a feel the warm feeling of soft fur against her body, she wasn’t that lucky. She quickly remembered how she got lost with her best friend and a pang of sadness hit her. She ignored the feeling as she took in her surroundings as she replenished her strength at the lake.

The cold and crystal water was exactly what she needed. She immediately felt energized as the water entered her system. In fact the water seemed to even wipe away her troubles even if it was going to be temporary for her. She looked at the sun that was rising up the green mountains. She had a feeling that they day was going to be beautiful and perfect, but that was the same feeling she had yesterday when she woke up. She decided to catalogue all the stuff she had just in case she had to replenish any supplies and such for the long flight. When she finished she took off again.

Flying at max speed yet again she felt the pain of being split apart with her best friend again. The feeling seemed to overpower her; in response she did her best to numb herself emotionally as she continued her flight. The travel there seemed to be a mindless task, just fly and avoid any hazard that was in her way. It was a simple task that she could easily focus on. She pushed away any memory she had about her and Lightning playing games to make the travelling less monotonous and more enjoyable. The day quickly passed by as she flew without thought. She was slightly alarmed by how fast time was passing by when she just focused on something. She knew she was almost there.

Genesis settled down yet again. It did take a bit of searching but she eventually found a mountain spring. She took a drink of water and replenished her resources a bit. She quickly found an abandoned cave where she decided to stay the night. She watched as the sun set and the sky turned dark. The stars seemed shimmer as they came to view. Genesis sighed as she fell asleep.
When she awoke in the morning, she didn’t expect anything special to happen that day. After cataloguing and drinking some water yet again she heard someone yelling her name. When she looked at the direction the voice was coming from a black and white dot in the distance slowly grew larger and larger. Genesis then realized that dot was Lightning. He flew in a flurry into her arms. She was delighted to be reunited with him again.

The two then continued their journey in a much better mood as they continued their trip. It was much better travelling with a friend rather than solo. Finally there were there. The woods of Worth Woodsea greeted them as they entered their territory. It was a desolate area but one that was welcoming to both of them.

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Travel [Hargeon to Worth Woodsea]
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