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 Travel (Hargeon to Worth Woodsea)

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Looking over the town from her vantage point in the air, Ashaiya smiled, hovering alongside Tigris, whose bright white wings were in full effect. It had been fun helping out the people of Hargeon but the work had dried up for the time being which meant that it was time to move on. The fairy felt far stronger than she had ever been and after her string of successful missions, she was feeling quite confident in her abilities. There was a long way to go of course but she was on the right track. Tigris had promised to teach her new abilities when she was ready but other than that, the Exceed had said nothing about what was this training would include. The tiger coloured cat just gave her a knowing grin and chuckled every time that Ashaiya tried to bring the subject up.

"Is there somewhere you would like to go?" Ashaiya asked her partner, her green eyes turning towards the cat. The blonde had no real plans at the moment and was just looking forward to getting back on the road, never wanting to spend to long in one place. Her job was to explore that world of Fiore and she intended to do just that although it did feel quite tough leaving the town. The locals had accepted her with open arms and she had nothing but fond memories of her time spent completing jobs for the people who needed her and they were saddened when she had learned that she would be believing. She would be back though, Ashaiya knew that much. There were rumours of monsters in habiting the sea and one day, she would explore and see if they were true, once she was strong enough.

"I want to see this Guild that you keep talking about," Tigris replied, flashing the Fairy a grin, "I have never seen a Guild before and I would like to see what all the fuss is about. I will not cause any trouble, I promise." The Exceed looked sincere but Ashaiya gave her a funny look which caused the tiger like Exceed to start chuckling, "Stop looking at me like that, you cannot look scary to save your life."

Ashaiya laughed as well, unable to hold her serious look for long. "All right, let us go to Worth Woodsea and I will show you Cait Shelter. It will be quite a long trip so I hope you had a good night sleep. I know how tiring it is for you to fly for too long," she said, sticking her tongue out, "I remember having to carry you after our fight with the vandals." The pair laughed again after that, before taking a final look at the town for a few moments and then started their journey north.

The trip was uneventful for the most part but the pair were just happy to be in each others company. They talked about all kinds of topics and Ashaiya had probably never spoken so much in such a short time. She was sociable enough and always happy to strike up a conversation but there was no one that she would call a close friend. The blonde had dozens of acquaintances but very few close people that she would hang out with or confide in. It was part of the wanderers life but Ashaiya did occasionally feel a longing for companionship. Yet, she was a Fairy and everyone else was human and somehow, Ashaiya had a feeling that perhaps mixed race relationships may cause problems with other. Sure, she went on a date for a job and Richard was a nice guy but she doubted he would of wanted to be any closer than they were.

It was a long journey indeed but the views were beautiful and Ashaiya was mesmerised more than once as the pair traversed through the sky. They were surprised by how few people were walking or travelling below them but the people they did fly over seemed friendly enough, waving up at them, which the pair always returned. By the time they were reaching Worth Woodsea, both of them were feeling fatigued and as hard as Tigris tried to keep up with Ashaiya when it came to endurance, she eventuality started to succumb to it. Smiling, the Fairy did indeed end up carrying her partner as they closed in on the Guild. The Exceed complained but gave up in the end, sticking her tongue at Ashaiya. With a chuckle, the pair turned their heads forwards and a familiar site came in to view, to the Fairy at least.

Cait Shelter was neither the largest nor grandest Guild but when it came to kindness and being there for each other, it could not be topped. The setting sun shone on the building, bathing it in an orange light which took the breath away from both the Fairy and the Exceed. "Welcome to Cait Shelter, Tigris. This Guild was once just an illusion, to keep a young mage from facing this massive world alone. Now, we open our hearts and souls to all those around us and show the lonely and afraid that there is always a place for them. We do not aspire to become the strongest or flashiest Guild, only to the be the one who cares most for both it's members and everyone else who follow the light.

The Exceed smiled and gazed up at her partner after her little speech, before wriggling out of Ashaiya's grip, determined to finish the trip. With a nod of the head, she then followed the Fairy towards the Guild, as the last moments of sunlight faded.

(947/900 Words) (25% word count reduction due to Wings of the Wind)
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Travel (Hargeon to Worth Woodsea)
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