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 The Guild Catalog

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PostSubject: The Guild Catalog   The Guild Catalog EmptyMon Jul 06, 2015 1:36 pm

Welcome! Are you a guild master (or perhaps a future one?) Here, you can purchase all of the things to create a guild and improve your guild. Below, is everything you can buy. Stay tuned for more items that could be added to the shop.

  • Custom Guild - Allows you to create a custom guild - 100,000,000 Jewels

  • Magic Bomber - Much like the Blue Pegasus's Christina, your guild master can purchase a flying, Magic Bomber. This moves at 20 m/s. It can drop a bomb 20 meter in radius non elemental bomb every 5 posts which deals out 5,000 damage. This Magic Bomber has a durability of 500,000. It can be repaired with 10,000 words in a repair topic. - 100,000,000 Jewels

  • Guild Training Grounds - Training grounds in the guild. This will provide a 30% discount in training. - 50,000,000 Jewels

  • Defensive Dome - A single, huge, invisible dome is put around the guild. This provides protection from the guild from 1,000,000 damage. Once the dome breaks, it cannot be repaired and the guild must buy it again if they still want it. People can pass through the dome. Every spell cast while inside the dome by an opposing mage (only in guild raid topics) will be absorbed into the dome.- 50,000,000 Jewels

  • SE Plug Vehicles - When you get SE Plug Vehicles, it gives everyone in the guild SE Plug Vehicles resulting in the guild members having the SE Plug Vehicle travel time when using SE Plug Vehicles. - 10,000,000 Jewels

  • Type Switch - This switches your guild to either a light, dark, or neutral guild (you must specify during the purchase) - 5,000,000
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The Guild Catalog
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