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 Travel (Clover to Hargeon)

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PostSubject: Travel (Clover to Hargeon)   Tue Aug 11, 2015 7:33 pm

After the nightmare that had been her last job, Ashaiya was glad to leave Clover behind her and to travel elsewhere for a while. She had completed all of the requests here for the time being and the blonde Fairy had been contacted about some work that was in and area known as Hargeon. That was all the inspiration she needed to go and after storing her jewels in her bank, she quickly took to the sky and headed for her next port of call. It would be a fairly long journey but in truth, it would do her good and the fresh air would do wonders for her nerves and confidence, a chance to clear her head. The weather was perfect and she was soon hitting her stride, a smile slowly forming on her face as she soared through the air.

It was quiet for the first hour and Ashaiya made good progress, only having to dodge the occasional bird who refused to get out of the way. She felt at peace on the road and the further she travelled, the more she pushed her last job to the back of her mind and out of site. Ashaiya had feared the underground and enclosed spaces ever since she had arrived in Fiore, it was unnatural for a fairy to be in such places and it always gave her the creeps. How could anyone stay in such places for long? Ashaiya did not even want to imagine what she would be liked if forced to stay underground for too long. It was something that she hoped to never find out.

It was at about the halfway point that things became more interesting, as she came across a pair of hikers, walking along the path beneath her. One of them was walking awfully slowly and when the second one looked up at her, he waved her down. Ashaiya did so instantly and came in to land beside the pair, wanting to help in whatever way she could. As it turned out, the wounded man had been attacked by a wolf as they had been hiking. They had managed to drive it off but it had done a lot of damage to the man's leg. The Fairy then explained her magic to the pair and offered to heal his leg, which the hiker accepted on the spot.

Kneeling down beside the man, Ashaiya lightly pulled his trouser leg up and took a look at the wound. It was a nasty bite and his legs was bloody and bruised. With a shake of her head, the mage summoned her magic and surrounded the man's leg with black air. It was not an instant but it was obvious that it was working, as the man's face began to relax as time went on. A smile started to show and after a minute or so, she had healed his wound completely. With a smile, he then stood up after thanking her, he and his partner continued on their hike. Smiling herself, she launched back in to the air and continued her journey.

It was quiet for the rest of the trip and Ashaiya soon found herself approaching Hargeon as night was closing in. She was pleased to have reached it so soon and happily did a loop to loop as she approached, which brought a cheer from below. Looking down, she found herself being watched by a group of fisherman, returning home after a hard days work. Laughing brightly, the Fairy performed a few aerial moves for them, bringing all kinds of excited responses from them, before continuing on her way. If that was how she would be treated by everyone then Ashaiya knew that she would enjoy her time around

It certainly looked lovely as she approached it. The town was right by the sea and there were still quite a few people walking around as she flew over it for the first time. It was right by the sea and there were a few boats coming in and out from the port. With a grin, she came in to land and began to make her way towards an inn that had been recommended to her by one of her former employers. It was said to have a few Fairy delicacies on sale too and although she doubted it, Ashaiya was willing to have a look anyway, even if it was just to give them a piece of her mind for lying.

A new town and new adventures awaited and Ashaiya could not wait to get started.

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Travel (Clover to Hargeon)
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