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 Travel [Clover to Hargeon]

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Genesis Williams


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PostSubject: Travel [Clover to Hargeon]   Tue Aug 11, 2015 7:06 pm

Genesis packed up her things from the inn room she was staying in. She turned to her partner in crime, Lightning and ask if he was done. He smiled at her as he said he was. The two of them when outside the door of their inn. They soon took to the air, beginning their long flight back home to Hargeon, back to the Lamia Scale guild, where they belonged. Lightning was much faster than Genesis who was trying to fly as fast as she could to catch her Exceed friend. She could not catch up to him at all. Lightning finally decided to slow down to let his partner catch up. When she neared him, he only went full speed again. Genesis laughed out loud as she tried to fly as fast as she could again, but she could not catch the speeding Exceed. However she did not give up, she was determined to beat him.

After about another five minutes of flying at maximum speed, Lightning slowed down again. Genesis had eventually catch up with him. As he readied to fly full speed again she grabbed onto his tail. In shock he stopped as she let it go. She then pulled him in for a large embrace as she kept laughing, saying she has won. He shook his head, wondering why a guardian angel acted so childish. He then asked if she wanted another race in which she declined, saying that she knew that he would win if they did. The sun was high up in the sky, signaling it was noon. They decided to take a break at a nearby lake they found.

Genesis eagerly sucked in the water from the lake. She felt her strength return each mouthful she got. After she drank her full she and Lightning went fishing for tonight’s dinner. They both got into a conversation about monster fish being out there in the lake. Soon after half an hour they got a good amount of fish. They packed it up in some cloths and put in into the bag. They then continued on their journey back.

This time they decided to take the next leg of this journey on foot. They began walking through the forest. It was quite peaceful. The trees offered much shade from the hot sun and the cool breeze would make her feel even better. Genesis enjoyed her conversation with Lightning about the strongest mages in Fiore and who would win. All was peaceful during this time. The forest grew darker and darker as the sun began to set, the shadows of the trees merged with the darkness of night. Soon it would be too dark to see anything. At this point they decided to set up camp.

Genesis took out their supplies while Lightning went to find some wood. When he returned with the wood Genesis took out a pack of matches and lit the wood into flames. The soft orange and yellow colors danced off the trees and the warmth and comfort it provided was indescribable to the weary duo. They ate their dinner of fish and then went to sleep. They were still only halfway there.

Early next morning the duo packed up their stuff again and took to the air. This time they didn’t have their childish competition. A flock of flying fish soon intersected with their path home. Genesis dared Lightning to catch and eat a flying fish. Lightning who couldn’t back down from a dare bravely and swiftly caught a flying fish and began to eat it, only to spit it out in disgust. Genesis began to laugh, saying that she knew flying fish tasted disgusting since she had to eat it once for dinner when she was living with her dragon.

The two kept flying in the air. Lightning had forgotten about the flying fish incident by that time. They watched as the forest underneath them turned into mountains. The mountains were really, high forcing them to fly higher. There were also holes in the rocks among them, Lightning bravely swooped through them and kept doing that despite Genesis’s warning that he might get hurt. Fortunately as they came out of the mountains the Exceed wasn’t hurt at all. Genesis did give him a large scolding afterwards who mere just shrugged and continued flying. They soon went back to the forest again. The two decided to walk the rest of the way back.

The walk in the forest was just as peaceful as the day before. While Genesis enjoyed it, Lightning claimed that it was boring. Suddenly a creature appeared before them. It was a Gorain aka a Forest Vulcan. Genesis knew that she had to beat this creature up to pass him. It began to hoot how he was going to beat them up and steal their stuff. The Gorain tried to attack her but failed. Genesis knew that she must get the air advantage and jumped into the air. It began to throw rocks at her, trying to knock her out the sky. She knew that he had to defeat him quickly. She began to cloak her body in water and rammed herself against the Vulcan. He was taken aback with the attack. This gave her a chance to escape. She grabbed Lightning and flew as fast as she could out of the area the Gorian was in.

She began to slow down after flying as fast as she could for five minutes, trying to escape the Vulcan. She gave a sigh of relief, trying to calm herself down after that Vulcan attack. Lightning on the other hand was gushing on how cool the fight was between her and the Gorian. That earned him a glare from Genesis and they decided to keep going, for they were almost home.

Finally the town was in sight. It was right on the horizon of the setting sun. It’s orange/yellow light covering the town like a blanket. They were almost home. With one last burst of speed Genesis and Lightning flew back into the town, a place they called home.

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Travel [Clover to Hargeon]
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