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 Creating Your Custom Magic

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PostSubject: Creating Your Custom Magic   Mon Jul 06, 2015 1:20 pm

Creating you own, custom magic is a really fun thing to do. Your custom magic is completely original. You don't even have to own the magic you make. You can just make a magic for anyone to take. Please keep in mind though, after you make this custom magic, there is only one of this kind of magic (unless you pay 500,000 jewels to make a copy of it.) The template to create a custom magic is listed below:

Name: (Name of magic)

Type: (Caster or Holder [Maybe ancient])

Element: (Element(s) of magic)

Description: (Description of magic)

Strengths: (Strengths of magic)

Weaknesses: (Weaknesses of magic)

[b]Name:[/b] (Name of magic)

[b]Type:[/b] (Caster or Holder [Maybe ancient])

[b]Element:[/b] (Element(s) of magic)

[b]Description:[/b] (Description of magic)

[b]Strengths:[/b] (Strengths of magic)

[b]Weaknesses:[/b] (Weaknesses of magic)
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Creating Your Custom Magic
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