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 The Black Lotus Part 1 [Request]

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Genesis Williams


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PostSubject: The Black Lotus Part 1 [Request]   Tue Aug 11, 2015 12:46 pm

Genesis walked down the streets in  Clover, where her client told her to meet in the request. She was currently searching for a building with a smooth white roof. Due to her small size she had to take to the air just so she can see well. She flew around Clover and spotted multiple buildings with a smooth white roof, however one of the buildings had a banner with a white flower on it. She instantly knew that this was the building where her Client told her to meet.  She floated down to the ground and walked in the guild. She got several stares and soon a man walked up to her. “Hello there, are you lost? Do you need help finding your parents?”

Genesis already gotten used to the comments she got when she was at Earthland. “No, I’m here for the job that someone posted up.” She held the poster in her hand.

The man looked at her emotionlessly. “You’re here for the job? Aren’t you a kid though?”

“I’ll have you know I’m 112, I’m way older than you.”
She said still smiling.

The man nodded at her. “I guess you are capable of taking a job.” The man shrugged as he showed her a poster. It depicted a picture of a black flower, the exact same shape as the White Lotus’ guildmark. “This is the Black Lotus, they are a guild who have been our enemy from the start.  Now let me tell you that this isn’t just a simple guild feud. The Black Lotus is a dark guild, who is fond of terrorizing innocent individuals. They need to be stopped.  A few of our members said that they have spotted a few in Clover currently. Your job is to stop them. But they are quite strong. Can you defeat them?” Genesis nodded. “Good, now you must go now.” Genesis ran out the guild hall and into the streets.

She looked around trying to find any suspicious looking characters. She found none for a bit. She didn’t give up though. She kept searching. While she was searching she accidently bumped into someone. “Hey! Watch where you’re going kid!” A voice yelled at her. She looked up to see the angry face of a man. She apologized but he kept bashing her with words. “A sorry doesn’t do. Kids these days need to be taught a lesson.” He put his hand out in front of him and a stream of fire shot at her, she wasn’t fast enough to dodge as she felt it hit her chest. She screamed out in pain as she was knocked off her feet.  She suddenly spotted the black flower guildmark on his body. He was a member of the Black Lotus.

The people nearby ran for cover against this fire mage. “That’s right! You should fear me, I am a proud member of the Black Lotus! White Lotus members beware, for you can never match out power!” He declared loudly. “I do not care who I hurt, this young girl is an example of my wrath." People began to scatter in fear
“Our wrath! The wrath of the Black Lotus!” A woman near him declared as she send a wave of water into the crowd.

Genesis glared at the man, her smirk still on her face as she stood up. She kept her cheerful attitude as she then said, “I guess this can technically be called self-defense. Strike of the Water Dragon!” She ran at the man, both of her hands became cloaked in water as she did. He was dumbfounded as he was hit by her. He gave a stifle cry. He then tried to shoot another beam of fire at her but she dodged it.

The flames hit the cart of a nearby vendor. The still remaining people immediately got out of the way. “You can use magic huh?” He smirked. “Not bad, not bad at all. You aren’t as weak and defenseless as I thought you would be, little girl. You will be fun to deal with! Help me deal with her as well.”

“Alright, little girl. You better go pray your prayers because this is going to hurt a lot!” The water mage sent a stream of water at her. Genesis smirked confidently as she sucked in the water with ease. “W-what? How!?” The woman asked in complete shock.

“As for your statement, I do pray every day. The gods have blessed me with my magic. One that I shall use to defeat you! Fang of the Water Dragon!” She then launched another attack at her. She swung her right hand which was clocked with water at the direction of the water mage. She gave a grunt of pain and anger. Genesis was about to celebrate when a beam of fire, narrowly grazed over her head, singeing a few strands of her hair. That took her attention long enough for the water mage to attack her, leaving no time to suck up the water. She was hit against the wall. “Double team huh? That’s not a fair advantage." She chuckled although she really didn’t care. She turned her attention on the fire mage first, he was the main problem.

“Correct now, you are going to be destroyed!”
A stream of fire and water came at her. She dodged the fire attack and sucked in most of the water. Genesis’s patient was beginning to wear out.

“Let’s finish this! Water Dragon’s Beam!” She put her hands out in front of her as she shot a stream of water out her palms at directly at the fire mage who had little time to react before he was hit by the water and against the wall, he was then knocked out by the attack. The water mage tried to shoot another beam at her but failed. “Your turn. Water Dragon’s Rush!” She rushed at the girl and tackled her to the ground. The water mage was also knocked out by the attack. “Yes! I got them!” She cheered. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw two Rune Knights coming to her and she explained the situation. The Rune Knights believed her story as they placed magic sealing cuffs on them and dragged them onto a vehicle.

Genesis headed back to the White Lotus base where she quickly found the member who put the request out. She was thanked for her work and paid. “Those were only two members of the entire guild though. There are still more to come. When they come back and cause trouble, will you help us again?” He asked her. Genesis nodded as she left the guildhall.

Word Count: 1115/1000

Spells Used:

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Genesis Williams


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PostSubject: Re: The Black Lotus Part 1 [Request]   Tue Aug 11, 2015 12:47 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Black Lotus Part 1 [Request]   Tue Aug 11, 2015 12:47 pm

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PostSubject: Re: The Black Lotus Part 1 [Request]   

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The Black Lotus Part 1 [Request]
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