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 Game Night! [Open to Grimoire Heart]

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Erin Velines


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PostSubject: Game Night! [Open to Grimoire Heart]   Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:51 am

It was in the evening, somewhere around eight o' clock, when Erin returned to the Grimoire Heart guild hall. He stood before the building, towering above him, when he remembered that he had better things to do than look at the front door. He swung it open, shouting to anyone inside: "I'm baaack!" He ran to the couch, jumped onto it, and grabbed his gameboy from his secret stash under the couch. He grabbed a random cartridge from the same stash, and put it before booting the old thing up.

The game he put in was apparently Universe Quest, a very underrated game about beating up aliens with no apparent reason other than being a badass. Erin had been playing the game for a couple days now, and he just couldn't beat that damned final boss. It was a giant flying space wizard lizard, and he was the hardest thing Erin had ever faced. After yet another loss at the hands of this creature, Erin ragequit the game and pulled the game out of its slot, throwing it on the ground. Well, now it's broken. Great.

Erin didn't really feel like playing any other videogames, so he put the gameboy back under the couch. But maybe a board game would be fun. He ran over to the closet where he kept all his board games, and grabbed a checkers board, along with the box containing the pieces. He put the stuff he grabbed onto a table, and yelled "Anyone wanna play checkers?" into the room so anyone could hear it. Now, he just had to wait for a response.
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Game Night! [Open to Grimoire Heart]
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