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 Travel (Akane Resort to Clover)

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PostSubject: Travel (Akane Resort to Clover)   Travel (Akane Resort to Clover) EmptyThu Aug 06, 2015 7:15 am

After taking a few short days of rest and relaxation, Ashaiya was ready to make her next move. For the time being, she had completed all of the requests at the resort and was looking forward to moving on. Recently, there had been talk of many request appearing in Clover and that was where the Fairy had decided to travel to next. Pleased with how her first few jobs had gone, the Cait Shelter mage was eagerly looking forward to her next adventure. Sprouting her green wings, she took to the sky and started to make her way across the sky. It would only be a short trip but there were bound to be sights for her to see on the way.

She loved being on the road and as the Fairy continued her way towards Clover, Ashaiya began to chuckle, spreading her arms and performing a loop the loop. It was a beautiful day although the wind was bit brisk which kept knocking her off balance, which was funny seeing as she was the Sky God Slayer. Adjusting her flying a bit, she increased the rhythm of her wings beats and kept moving forward. Looking down, she noticed a carriage travelling along the road, a fancy looking vehicle by the look of it which caused Ashaiya's eyebrows to raise. Curiously, she swooped down to get a closer look, only to suddenly pull up again as a pair of magical motorbikes came up besides the carriage, each rider with a gun strapped to their back.

The carriage came to a halt and the riders quickly forced the occupants out, before starting to steal their jewellery and valuables. Thinking quickly, Ashaiya flew down towards the riders, inhaled a large amount of air and then fired a stream of black air towards the riders, catching one of them head on and hurling them to the ground. The second rider turned around and fired but the mage easily evaded it, gracefully dodging in the air, the bullet flying past her. She then attacked again, summoning black air in to each hand, before launching them towards the target, the two streams of air combining to make one. It hit its its mark and sent the second rider colliding in to the first one. Leaving them both in a heap.

Ashaiya then flew down and landed beside the occupants who were grateful and appreciated the help. They did not seem injured luckily but she checked them over to be sure. There was no harm done and they were soon ready to be off again. They even agreed to take the thugs to the nearest jail and hand them over, after binding them for the safety of everyone concerned. Since they were heading in the same direction, Ashaiya decided to stay with the carriage until they reached Clover and flew above it as a sort of guardian. She could travel alone well enough but company was always nice and with that thought in mind, her journey continued, the city of Clover coming in to view as the sun started to set.

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Travel (Akane Resort to Clover)
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