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 Bloodbath [o]

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Naoto Narukami

Naoto Narukami

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PostSubject: Bloodbath [o]   Wed Aug 05, 2015 6:36 am

Akane Resort was known for several things. From its addicting casinos to its fine dining, from shady dealings to romantic nights out. Its den of darkness was not unknown to Naoto. There was an almost constant watch upon such happenings, but the dark individuals would simply hide deeper within the shadows, and in some cases, the opposite, act even more daring.

The classy hotels and breath-taking beaches sat in the distant horizon. Its tremendous majesty was partially obscured by the fading night shadows. The sun wasn't up quite yet, but its bright orange glow was slowly infecting the heavens, thus erasing the countless stars from sight. That was the everlasting daily tragedy that cosmic enthusiasts had to endure.

Naoto was sitting on a flat rooftop this morning. He bid the stars goodbye as they made the way for the day. An unusual mask attached onto his face, it covered his face but leaving his left eye open.

Naoto had been careful not to reveal his identity when performing jobs, usually by keeping covert or eliminating witnesses. However, that wouldn't be enough for today's plans. There was going to be a lot of death and destruction in a public setting, so the dark-hooded coat was being used.

It was still early, the night guards wouldn't have switched with the day guards yet, so Naoto sat on the edge of the rooftop and plotted. The cold breeze would be his witness for today's action.
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Bloodbath [o]
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