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 (Travel) Worth Woodsea to Akane Resort

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PostSubject: (Travel) Worth Woodsea to Akane Resort   Mon Aug 03, 2015 5:27 am

It was a beautiful day and a perfect one for Ashaiya to start her journey eastward. There were a number of jobs which had come up lately and more than one of them were in a place known as Akane Resort. She had flown over it before during her travels but had never actually stopped and stayed in the Easter part of Fiore. That needed to be remedied and the Cait Shelter mage was already looking forward to taking on her first few jobs and getting back in to the wider world as she had stayed pretty close to the guild during her first month or so as a member. Just the thought of her guild brought a smile to her face and she could not help but remember the looks on her fellow members faces when she had suddenly switched from her regular form to her Fairy one and had made everyone jump.

Chuckling at the thought, the blonde Fairy turned her head skyward to gaze at the perfect blue sky for a moment, watching a couple of birds as they darted across the sky. There was no chance that she would use any other transport than her own delicate wings and as that thought crossed her mind and without even having to think about it, her wings materialised from her back for the world to see. She belonged in the sky and Ashaiya effortlessly rose from the ground and began to start her journey, turning around briefly to take one last glance at her guild, memorising every detail.

"Ready or not, Akane Resort, here I come!" she then said brightly, turning to the east and flying off in to the distance.
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(Travel) Worth Woodsea to Akane Resort
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