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 [WIP] Remix's Character App

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PostSubject: [WIP] Remix's Character App   Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:14 pm

Isabelle A. Salem
"The end is only the beginning..."


Name: Isabelle A. Salem
Nickname: Remix
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Age: "19"
Birthdate: September 21st
Race: Human [Neko]

Personality: Isabelle A. Salem can be described in a single word -an enigma. She is a woman who holds many faces and her mind is not easily one to comprehend. Even if one were to somehow read her mind, they would find it to be a jumble. It is therefore curious that although her mind is a world of chaos and disorder, she can make perfect sense of the craziness running throughout her mind. Nonetheless, no one truly knows who she is nor what she can do. It is then safe to say that no one truly has seen her various faces. After all, if they were to find out her real goals and intentions, everything would backfire. As to who she truly is, or if Isabelle is really her name, no one but herself knows. It is then no mystery then that Isabelle is an adventurous woman with the love for danger and the great unknown. After all, her line of work 'behind the scenes' for the d'Blakc household requires it. Isabelle is one who seeks the adrenaline thrill, unafraid to put her life at risk. As such, she is considered a daredevil;; always one tempting death. Isabelle is not one to be afraid to try new things and usually can be seen diving into a situation, but rarely without a plan at hand. Remix is a secretive woman. She is not one to talk about herself or her past unless she trusts the person or if the information is needed. She controls her emotions, sealing them deep within her heart. Remix dislikes being a burden to anyone so she may oftentimes conceal her feelings although she will gladly help out others.

Isabelle enjoys spending her time outdoors. This has made her become a rather independent woman, but she enjoys working and spending time with people nonetheless. Isabelle can be deathly loyal to a fault. That said, she is one to rush back into the line of fire to rescue and or help out a teammate in danger. She is one to plan before acting and think before speaking in order to keep herself out of trouble. She isn't one to quickly trust, yet she isn't afraid to work with strangers to reach and complete her goals. Like most, she tries to keep herself on her toes so that she isn't taken by surprise. If someone does earn her trust, then they will find her an invaluable asset. Isabelle isn't one to back down. She fights until the end. This is due to her pride. It is then safe to say she is a competitive woman. She finds it hard to ask for help, but if she ever does, it means she respects the person greatly. As learned and instilled upon her person, when Remix gives her word, she honors it no matter the consequences it may bring. It is, after all, what she got herself into and it is her duty to keep it. Reputation, for her, is what matters most. More than life itself for it marks the person forever, even after death. Isabelle is a warm hearted person although she isn't one who shows it. She cares about people and will help them whenever she can. She is of curious nature, forever seeking answers to unanswered questions. This, though, may get her into a heap of trouble from time to time.

Isabelle is an emotionally strong woman; a woman born to battle. As her forefathers before her, she excels in the art of soldiering and covert operations and also knows her way around military operations. When in the field, she is not afraid to look upon death for she rather enjoys the pounding of her heart and the rush of adrenaline that courses through her veins. Remix is not only that but  also a capable leader as well. Isabelle is a woman who fights until the end, even if the fight is not entirely in her favor. Even so, and as much as it pains her, she is smart enough to know when to retreat. Yet despite having this option, she has never used it at all nor does she wish to use it any time soon. On the occasion she would though, she would never see it as surrender but rather tactical retreat for a reevaluation of the opponents. After all, one must know their opponent and reform a way to fight them if they were underestimated at first. Therefore, as stated above, it is not  surprise Isabelle was bred a soldier through and through. Nor a surprise that she enjoys fighting for the codes she has lived under -justice and honor. Isabelle is of quick of mind and speech, able to lie and maneuver her way through nearly anything as her appearance can be used to throw people off course. As such, she can almost always manage to find a way out of situations or into them if she so wishes. Her calm and collected nature are quite indeed useful for covert operations as she almost never raises suspicions. After all, who would guess a woman of delicate appearance could possess the ability to take care of herself and know the ways of a soldier?

- Seafood; Isabelle is a lover of seafood. From shrimp to lobster, she loves it all.
- Felines; Isabelle is what most would consider a 'crazy cat lady.' She is obsessed with feline creatures. This is perhaps due to having cat ears and a tail herself.
- Tea; Isabelle loves to drink tea as well as host tea parties for guests.
- Books; Isabelle loves to read. It is a passion of hers.
- Sweets; Like any woman, Remix has a soft spot for sweets. More specifically, she enjoys pastries.

Dislikes (Extra):
- Bright Lights; Isabelle dislikes flashing bright lights, especially during the night. It not only blinds her momentarily, but it gets her dizzy for a few seconds as well.
- Blushing; Isabelle hates the fact that she blushes when people flirt. She likes having the cold demeanor and blushing ruins that.
- Unnecessary Fighting; This, for Remix, is both a waste of time and of energy. She finds it better to wait for the correct circumstances before issuing a fight.
- Sexism/Gender Inequality; What guys can do, women can do as well. Furthermore, gender inequality is a pet peeve of hers.

Aspirations (Extra):
- 1st Kodor; Isabelle aspires to be a well known healer and practitioner of her art yet in order to fully be able to channel her power, she must first transcend to the 1st Kodor. That is where she knows she truly has mastered her art to a great length.
- Travel; Isabelle wishes to travel and see the world outside of her own. Not only that, but she wishes to obtain knowledge on her art of healing and life magic and traveling, in her opinion, is where she can truly learn it.
- Love; Isabelle wishes to fall in love when the time is right and perhaps even start a family of her own. This though, is not something she concentrates on and looks for right away, but, rather, this is something to look forward to in the future once she deems the time is right.
- Secrets; Despite being of seemingly passive nature, Remix is full of secrets. As to what those secrets are, she guards with her own life.


- Her Dreams/The Dreamscape: Isabelle doesn't quite understand the dreams she has and so she dubs that side the Dreamscape. She both fears it yet wishes to find out what it all means.
- Water; Isabelle has always had a fear of water. Not in small portions, mind you, but as in large bodies of waters such as in oceans, lakes, rivers, and the sort.
- Outcast; Isabelle has been considered an outcast for as long as she remembers. Therefore, she is afraid she shall forever be considered that way and, thus, never truly find a place where she belongs. After all, home is where the heart is.
- Magic; Isabelle is afraid that she one day lose her affinity with the life and water aspect of her magic. On top of that, she is afraid that she may one day use her magic for dark purposes even if not by her own will.

Fatal Flaw:
- Going Back; As a soldier, Remix has held a code that if any of her comrades were in danger, even if behind enemy lines, she would go back.

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PostSubject: Re: [WIP] Remix's Character App   Mon Sep 07, 2015 2:28 pm

If you don't complete this application, it will be archived September 20th, 2015
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[WIP] Remix's Character App
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