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 Ashaiya (Finished)

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PostSubject: Ashaiya (Finished)   Ashaiya (Finished) EmptySat Aug 01, 2015 11:08 am

Ashaiya (Finished) V8rnr

Ashaiya (Finished) Coolte45

   Name: Ashaiya

   Nickname: Sky Goddess

   Gender: Female
   Sexuality: Bi

   Age: 17

   Birthday: 14th September, X1652

   Race: Fairy

   Personality: A cheerful and witty character, Ashaiya is usually in a good mood and is slow to anger. She is friendly and approachable, never having a problem when it comes to being sociable. In a crisis, she is almost always calm and good humoured, preferring to look on the bright side rather than moan and complain. She enjoys a joke and can appreciate even the most dry or sarcastic comment although she draws the line if it's too crude or offensive. Ashaiya can be quite flirty as well if she finds someone she likes and she tends to have an answer for everything, tongue in cheek or not.

She does have a darker side though and this tends to show itself when she encounters a mage from a dark guild or a selfish individual in general. Ashaiya detests arrogant people and those who feel they can cause destruction and misery without their being any consequences and can become quite cold should she meet someone of that nature. Her tongue becomes acidic and she can be quite scathing when she wants to be.


Cait Shelter: Ashaiya loves being a member of her guild and takes great joy in being a part of Cait Shelter.

Faeries: She is a proud member of the Fairy race and is always willing to talk about her background and people.

Flight: There is nothing that Ashaiya enjoys more than sprouting her wings and taking to the sky. She feels a great sorrow for those who are unable to experience the wonders that comes from flying.

Ice Cream: Ashaiya has been obsessed with ice cream ever since she first tried it as a child and can often be found with a tub or cornet in her hand.

Undiscovered Lands: A keen explorer, Ashaiya always takes any opportunity to travel somewhere new, the more obscure the better.


Arrogant People: There is nothing that Ashaiya dislikes more than someone who is full of themselves and their own power and is easily annoyed by people who act in this way.

Dark Guilds: Ashaiya is not fond of those who willingly use their powers to break the law and cause harm.

Hot and Spicy Food: Ashaiya is not fond of any food that causes her to drink a litre of water afterwards. She prefers milder foods.

Earth Mages: Ashaiya holds a slight grudge against those who use Earth Magic since it is effective against her Sky God Slayer.

Prejudice: Ashaiya loathes those who talk down to those of other races or guilds and is one of the few things which can cause her blood to boil.


Being Underground: Ashaiya is always nervous when travelling in caves and areas where she is unable to take to the sky and fly. This comes from her racial background where she spent her entire early life out in the open.

Imprisonment: Ashaiya fears being imprisoned or captured, unable to live her life as she wishes to.

Losing Her Wings: Her greatest fear is to lose her wings, the symbol of her race and her greatest pride and joy. To lose her wings would be as great a loss to her as losing her mother or father would.

   Fatal Flaw:

Selfishness: The fear Ashaiya has of losing her wings is strong enough that if she finds herself in a position where it's either herself or an ally being captured, she will let her ally be captured.

Ashaiya (Finished) Coolte44

   Height: 5'6

   Weight: 125lbs

   Hair: Ashaiya has long blonde hair that she often keeps tied up with a flower like headband. Her bangs, however, are not tied up with the rest of her hair.

   Eyes: Ashaiya has large, bright green coloured eyes.
Special Characteristics: Being a member of the fairy race, Ashaiya has the ability to fly by use of a pair of wings that she was born with and is able to hide or show them at will. She also is able to change size from her usual 5'6 to 5 inches.

   Description: Ashaiya is a teenager of average or slightly above average height with a slightly pale complexion. She is a fairly muscular girl and is noticeably well endowed. Her usual attire consists of a green and white long sleeved dress, a white and brown skirt and matching knee length socks and boots. She always wears a brown corset and has a white collar around her neck. Her ears are pointed, elf like in appearance.

Ashaiya (Finished) Coolte43

   Magic Name: Sky God Slayer Magic

   Element: Air

   Type: Caster/Ancient

   Description: Sky God Slayer magic is a form of Ancient Magic that allows the user to generate and manipulate air in to spiralling black currents in order to attack their enemies. Using this magic, the user is able to create whirlwinds and tornado's in order to deal damage. This magic can also be used defensively by creating walls or shields of air and is even able to power up or heal their allies by use of buffs and healing spells. The user is able to inhale the air around them in order to power up their attacks or to regain stamina. A Sky God Slayer is able to enter a form known as God Force which greatly amplifies the user's abilities.


* This magic is particularly effective against Fire Magic.

* Air is an easy and plentiful element making it easy for the user to be able to use their magic.

* Users of this magic can consume attacks of the same element making them immune to other air attacks.


* This magic cannot eat attacks created by a Sky Devil Slayer.

* The user is unable to eat their own spells.

* This magic is weak against Earth Magic.

Ashaiya (Finished) Coolte42

   Magic Power: 6

   Magic Resistance: 1

   Physical Power: 0

   Physical Resistance:1

   Intelligence: 10

   Speed: 2

   Health: 10

Ashaiya (Finished) Coolte41

   Guild: Cait Shelter

   Guild Symbol: A yellow coloured symbol which is located at the small of her back.

   Rank: D

Ashaiya (Finished) Coolte40


In the realm of the Fairies, it was not often that a child was born and whenever there was, a celebration was held that lasted for days and days. That is how Ashaiya spent her first few days, at the centre of attention, being fawned over by dozens of people, never being alone for a moment. She was a sociable girl from birth and as she grew, that was something that stuck with her and with a pair of loving parents and a large family, the blonde young Fairy never had to travel far in order to find company.

Ashaiya also had a lust for knowledge and she spent hours listening to the elder Fairies while growing up, as they spoke of the history of the Fairy race as well as the lands across the sea. The elders would fill her head with stories of adventure and wonder and it brought smiles to their faces every time as she always asked to hear more, her appetite for tales was endless. By the time she was ten, she knew that she wanted to travel the world and her parents knew that it was pointless trying to argue with her once her mind was set. They began to teach her what they knew of geography and prepared her for her journey and interest began to grow as news of this travelled to the rest of the Fairy people.

Time passed and shortly after her 16th birthday, she was called before the leader of her tribe and tasked to explore as much of the world as she could, in order to update the records of the great fairy library. Ashaiya accepted the mission in a heartbeat and soon left her home, after a heartfelt goodbye with her parents and set out across the sea. The journey was long and hard and pushed Ashaiya and her wings to the limit but eventually she landed in Fiore, ready and willing to see what the country had in store for her.

It was three months in to her journey when she learned of her magic or more accurately, her magic found her. While travelling one night, she came across a fight between two flying creatures, each at least twelve feet in height, attacking each other with blasts of wind and fire. Hiding out of sight, Ashaiya watched until it was over, a mixture of fear and excitement on her face as the warrior of winds was victorious. The figure then, to her surprise, appeared next to her in a flash and introduced himself. He spoke about God's and Demon's, of magic and sorcery and then asked her whether she wished to learn more, stretching out a feathery hand towards her. Ashaiya accepted the offer, shook the creature's hand and the rest was history. The creature's name was Valtorian, the God of the Sky and sensing the girl's hidden potential, he taught her the ways of the Sky God.

Her time with the Sky God was short and he soon left her in order to return to his home, somewhere among the stars. Yet, in that short time, he had taught her so much. The way of the Sky God would live within her and as she continued her journey, she would carry his blessing as well as her people's. He spoke of a guild, recently rebuilt and urged her to seek it out, which was what she did. Ashaiya travelled to the Worth Woodsea and after explaining her story to the Guild Master, she was accepted in to the guild and now, heading towards her 18th birthday, Ashaiya is still travelling the world, searching for adventure.

RP Sample: A weak moan brought the demon out of her reverie and with a sharp turn of her head, she noticed the bound girl on the alter, slowly stirring. After a moment of thought, she approached the alter and peered down at the girl and was rather stunned by what she saw. The girl's facial features were a mirror of her own, the same facial structure, the same jawline, the same hair colour and as Desara's eyes slowly opened and as the demoness cut away the blindfold, Lilith saw her own red eyes looking back at her. It was as if she was looking at the human equivalent of herself. Taking a moment to collect herself, she turned away, for once in her long years, at a complete loss for words.

"You are more beautiful then I thought you would be, Lilith," the girl said, turning her head slightly so that she could see the demon, her voice was frail, barely more than a whisper. "My mother said that I would never get the chance to see you because calling you hear should have killed me but I can see you now." She then glanced at the bodies all over the floor and a faint smile crossed her face, the first that she had shown in years, "Thank you for killing them, mistress. I have spent so many hours wishing they were dead and now you have done it for me. It feels good to know that I still live while they rot in hell."

The demon could feel the truth in Desara's words and for one single moment, Lilith wondered just what the girl had gone through in order to have such feelings. Returning her gaze to the child, she answered, "Child, I do not need nor want your thanks. It is because of you and these fools who now lay dead around us that I am now stuck in this realm, away from my fellow demons. I do not care about this pathetic religious squabble that you are a part of and I have no interest in it. You humans know nothing about the world of gods and demons and we have no reason to enlighten you."

"Then what are you going to do?" Desara asked, her vision becoming blurry as she looked at the winged demon. "No matter how strong you are or how far you fly, you will be hunted down by the mage's of this world for what you have done. There are many out there who despise demons and spend their entire lives hunting those of your kind down. You need a way to be able to vanish from the sight of those who hunt you.......you need a place to hide."

"You do not know what you are suggesting," Lilith replied swiftly, her gaze hardening as she peered closer at the girl, her eyes gazing towards the various bruises and scars that Desara had suffered in her short life. "The reason I was drawn here was because of the magic that your body contains, it is incredibly rare but those of my kind have fallen victim to it in the past. In your tongue, it is known as Take Over and I can sense that power within you. You have the ability to dominate and control my kind and use our gifts as your own. In essence, you take our souls and use them as you see fit."

"I do not have the will or the strength to dominate anyone, I can hardly keep my eyes open. I have no where to go and my path is unknown to me, all I know is that I have been born and raised just to summon you and now that you are here, my task is done. I do not care about the world Lilith and I hate the people who live on it as much as you do. The world is cruel and I have spent the twelve years learning that lesson. You say I have power? Then join your power with mine and we will show the world what cruelty is, show them what a demon truly is. My mind and body are open to you Lilith, see for yourself that I mean what I say......" she then passed out again, her life ebbing away.

After watching the girl in silence for a moment, Lilith climbed on to the alter and positioned herself above her, one knee on either side of Desara. She then placed a hand on the girls forehead and closed her eyes and began to use the demonic powers, Lilith began to see the child's memories, her fears, her worries, the endless struggle that her life had been. She saw how the girl had hid her emotions away and buried them within herself. Lilith's hand moved down, pausing over the girls heart, feeling Desara's latent magic power and the strength of it sent a shiver of pleasure through the demon's body, it was enormous. Finally, Lilith found the box, that the black haired girl had buried away within herself and her curiosity grew ten fold. She could feel so much fear, anger and hatred that if made her heart dance. All the girl needed was a key to unlock it and it was then that demon understood, she was the key. Her destiny was bound to the girl's and their lives would be bound together from this point on.

With a sharp jolt, Lilith then returned to her own body and knew what she had to do. She turned the girl over and cut her bonds with her claws before taking the dying girls hands in to her claws. "I doubt you can hear me but this is important, by doing this, we combine not just our powers but our hearts and souls as well. Your past will be mine and mine will be yours. Your magic will be different from any other mage of your kind. Under no circumstances are you to Take Over any other demon, if you do so, our bond will be broken and your life will end. Remember this and remember well, child."

"I.......understand," the girl replied, regaining conciousness again for a few moments, "My name is Desara."

With a nod, the demon focused her power on to the spark of magic that lay within the child and unleashed it all, releasing a wave of darkness energy that flooded the cave. The bond was made.

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Ashaiya (Finished)
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