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 Travel [Hargeon to Akane Resort]

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Genesis Williams

Genesis Williams

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Travel [Hargeon to Akane Resort] Empty
PostSubject: Travel [Hargeon to Akane Resort]   Travel [Hargeon to Akane Resort] EmptyWed Jul 29, 2015 7:03 pm

Genesis packed up her things for the trip to the Akane Resort. She packed up her things into a bag began her journey. After going outside the dorm room she began to consider what method of travel she should take. Train was the fastest but it was also expensive and made her want to hurl out whatever was in her stomach. Carriage was also an option but she didn't want to get sick on the way there. Finally she just decided to walk there. She liked this idea since it was free and didn't make her want to throw up. It may be the longest way but all the pros of walking outweighed the cons. Genesis then began her long journey to the Akane Resort.
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Travel [Hargeon to Akane Resort]
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