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 The Trading Center

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PostSubject: The Trading Center   Wed Jul 29, 2015 12:10 am

Here, you may trade or sell an item. You could trade anything you own. This includes magics, items, pets, or anything else that can be traded or sold. When making a trade, create a topic saying: "Guest's Trade #X" The customer will either confirm the trade which will be approved by a staff member or if it's open, you will recieve different offers until you confirm the offer that best suits you. The trade will be confirmed by a staff member and the deal is done. Once the staff member approves the trade, it will be moved to the shop purchases.

Name: (Seller's name)
Item: (Name of item/magic/pet/etc.)
Item Description: (Exact description of item/magic/pet/etc.)
Price: (Price of item)
Customer: (Who is trading for or buying this item? Put open if you're selling/trading to anybody)

[b]Name:[/b] (Seller's name)
[b]Item:[/b] (Name of item/magic/pet/etc.)
[b]Item Description:[/b] (Exact description of item/magic/pet/etc.)
[b]Price:[/b] (Price of item)
[b]Customer:[/b] (Who is trading for or buying this item? Put open if you're selling/trading to anybody)
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The Trading Center
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